Offices Open 7/28, Some Wait List Emails are Happening Now

For those needing to register, most school offices are opening next week, July 28th.

However, some wait list acceptances started occuring last night.  If you are still on a waist list and want to get admitted, be looking for an email.  Once the offices open, call, check in, and ask your status.  And hang tight.

If you’re hoping to not get in and merely accrue waitlist points, I wish you luck.

For both groups, the trend towards lower point totals do seem to be holding true, with acceptances for odd years (not the first year of magnet acceptance, which is typically 1st, 6th, and 9th) coming in.

I will finally be celebrating my last magnet application as we will be applying for magnet acceptance for 9th grade in 2015-16.  My 20th application year over two kids. 

Questions?  Fire away.

Open Enrollment 2014-15 Now Open

The final school choice program for the 2014-15 school year is now open. Find schools in your area here. Applications are available from May 5 to May 23. If you have any questions, ask away in the comments. Press release is here.

Districtwide, 7500 spots are available at 270 schools in every local district.

April Contest for–One School Will Win $5000. is currently sponsoring a contest for a $5000, awarded to a school that receives a new review this month, so if you haven’t reviewed your school recently, go ahead and share your experiences with other Los Angeles parents.

Did you know that GreatSchools is also seeking parents familiar with learning issues?  Anonymous reviews can be posted using this address: and it will give valuable information to parents seeking information on IEPs, 504s, and which school to choose for their special needs children.  Share what you know and help other parents make an informed decision.

Two West Valley Charters Receive OK to Add Grades

According to this article on Tamar Galatzan’s website, two well-known West Valley charter schools will be able to add grades by expanding onto long-closed campuses.  El Camino Real has been given the go ahead to add K-8 after reconstruction at Highlander Elementary, converting Oso Elementary to an outdoor science education campus for the K-8, and moving and expanding their continuation high school to the Platt Ranch Elementary campus.

CHIME charter, currently a K-8, would be adding a high school at Collins Street Elementary after razing classrooms and other upgrades.

The key consideration for parents is both these campuses are expanding their already successful programs to meet the needs of more campuses.  There had been rumors for years that other charters would expand, and with Granada Hills Charter High School owning the Pinecrest site, it’s still up in the air if they will move in the K-8 direction (vertical growth) or expand their offerings for the 2000+ student wait list.

Do successful school ‘brands’ make you more likely to go K-12 within that system?  What if Castlebay Lane or Ivanhoe went to 8th grade?  Or if Taft HS could go 6-12?  Is that an attractive option?  Let us know in the comments.

LAUSD GATE Website Enters the 21st Century

The previous website had the info, albeit in a 1999 type format. After hanging around on it for awhile, parents could find stuff, and given the budget cuts, complaining about fancy websites isn’t my deal. But now it’s borderline fancy! Check it out here:

Here’s the new 2014-15 SAS link:

SAS Application Window Open for 2014-15

While some of us are celebrating or need a little consoling, the other important window of LAUSD choice is now open.

Last year’s app is still up, but nothing is likely to change.  Start gathering the info on this, and I will repost the 2014-15 application as soon as it appears:

To locate schools in your area with Schools for Advanced Studies, scroll down from that link as well.

Families can apply to more than one SAS program.

Questions?  Fire away in the comments section below.

Update: the new SAS application is available HERE = and the newly redesigned LAUSD Gifted and Talented website can ba accessed here.

Magnet Letters Go Out April 1 (no joke!) for 2014-15

Feel free to post your acceptances and rejections in the comments to help others.

Please consider including:


Grade level




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