Our mom friend Nona has her eye on

Van Ness Elementary

and would love to meet other parents eager to have, in Van Ness, a great neighborhood school!

See Comment #3 under SCHOOLS SEEKING PARENTS for fall open house info and contact info for Nona.

5 thoughts on “Hollywood

  1. Does anyone know anything about melrose avenue elementary magnet, in Hollywood? My son was accepted for kinder. We recently moved to Los Angeles from Vancouver, Canada, so the schooling situation is new to us. I think we were lucky to have gotten a space at melrose avenue. Our local school is micheltorena which people also seem to like. Anyone have experience with melrose avenue?

  2. Does anyone know anything about Hollywood High School’s New Media Academy Magnet? Is it a good one? How about Hollywood High in General? Is it better than John Marshall High School, worse, or the same? Please, any feedback would be appreciated!

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