Post 2022-23 Magnet Questions here

The LAUSD Magnet application for 2022-23 will open October 1, 2021. Deadline is November 12.

Many questions can be answered here:

Feel free to ask additional questions in the comments and our volunteers will respond if they have direct experience.

6 thoughts on “Post 2022-23 Magnet Questions here

  1. I am looking for some feedback about Hale Magnet STEAM program. The program is pretty new, so I will appreciate any king of information, both about the program itself, how it compares to other gifted magnet middle school programs, and about Hale school/campus in general because I have read people talking about bulling there. Thank you!

    • Hopefully someone currently at Hale can comment on the school atmosphere, but I think it’s important to say that *all* schools have students who bully. There are schools that handle the overall climate better, but all schools have bullies. When I read a parent say that there is no bullying at a school, it simply means their child has not mentioned it or is not affected by it personally. Bullying is like drugs or fights at a school. There may be ways to handle it, and it may not occur often, but there’s not a school that doesn’t have a bully or where students are never bullied. You may read about it, but the best thing is to go on a tour and ask how the school handles bullying. A school leader who says there is no bullying on their campus is a school leader I would thank and leave. A school leader who says how they address keeping sixth graders safe and then lists multiple programs such as keeping sixth grade classrooms together, only having sixth graders in certain periods for PE, and letting sixth graders out early for lunch for a few weeks at the beginning of the year–that’s a school that knows how to put younger students into a safer position.

  2. Hi! I have a logistical question related to eChoices. My daughter is in 4th grade at a magnet. If she applies to a different magnet in eChoices and gets in, is she automatically dropped from her current magnet? Thank you!

    • Yes. Do NOT apply to a new magnet while attending a magnet program unless you want your child to be moved. There is no grace period or “thinking about accepting.” You would not need to apply in order to get “wait list” point, so unless you want your child to attend the other magnet, put the application away. Spots in fourth and fifth grade are sparse, but many people do not pull their kids before graduation so schools move through waitlists quickly. The only example I can think of is if this is an “off” year at a span school (4-12, for instance) and you are looking to get in for 5th grade). But kids rarely want to leave their friends for 5th grade (or miss graduation), so unlike a surprise acceptance for magnet school where you would get at least a few days to consider, this decision would be final.

  3. Longtime appreciator of this site and your efforts. I have a question about valley alternative magnet–is it now called Lake Balboa Prep on the Magnet application? I didn’t see anything named Valley Alternative Anything. Trying to get points for my soon to be middle schooler. Many thanks!

    • There was a name change a few years ago. Just be aware that span schools do tend to lose students as the years go on and you may be selected,

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