2021-2022 Magnet Applications

The Meet the Magnets events this year will no doubt be different due to the pandemic. Apply between October 1 and November 13.

Update: I attended the HS Meet the Magnets event last night and schools are absolutely pulling out technological stops that I would never have expected from LAUSD.

This morning, this website went live including a cartoon video that will walk people through the points system and the entire magnet program: https://lausdmagnets.com/

After 25 years of LAUSD and magnets, it apparently has taken a pandemic to get LAUSD to provide the information to families in a digestible format complete with visuals.

LDNE & LDNW Meet the Magnets Senior High School event will be held on Wednesday, September 30th. https://www.facebook.com/LAUSDLDNortheast/photos/pcb.179621033683788/179620867017138/

LDNE & LDNW Meet the Magnets Middle School event will be held a week later: https://www.facebook.com/LAUSDLDNortheast/photos/pcb.179621033683788/179620877017137/

Other schools or local districts with tour information or magnet nights, please post in the comments and we’ll share up here.