Open Enrollment 4/29 thru 5/17

Not held in conjunction with Unified Enrollment, Open Enrollment provides one more chance to apply to a school that has openings and your family is not already zoned for.

The link is here. Families can apply to up to 5 schools. Some schools have under a handful of spots and a few high schools have 150+ spots.

Best of luck.

3 thoughts on “Open Enrollment 4/29 thru 5/17

  1. Hi! We just move to Northridge Area. Just for a background, we live in SFV (pacoima) before so my daughter went to Vena Magnet school for her 1st to 2nd grade, and when shes 2nd grade, she took the test and was identified as Gifted. But for 3rd grade, we moved to Lancaster, Ca and she went to a regular elementary school.

    Now that we moved back to SF Valley, but now in Northridge, i tried to get her in to Vena Magnet for 4th grade but they said theyre full, but she got accepted to vena Magnet (api 10/10) for 5th grade. We were told that for 4th grade we can enroll to any lausd then come back to Vena for 5th grade.

    Now, our home school in Northridge is Topeka Charter, SAS (api score 9/10) I read a lot of info about SAS and charter, now my concern is, what is the best move to do?,since Topeka is SAS, should i just keep my daughter in that school till 5th grade and call Vena that I decline the acceptance (im considering because of proximity, and traffic), i meant SAS program is good too. I mean, what is really the difference between magnet and SAS? Just confused,coz im also info junkie.

    And just recently, Mayall elementary Magnet school (api 7/10) just called me and asking if were still interested to get in, i will need to cancel the acceptance in Vena so my daughetr can go to Mayall Magnet. I applied to this school somewhere in April since I am concerned that Proximity to Vena magnet from Northridge will be a problem eap the traffic in the morning.

  2. If I list a super competitive magnet as #1 choice, with my real less competitive choice as #2, and I select to go to #2, do I still get to keep the points when not admitted to #1? Thank you!

    • If you list a super competitive magnet first, your likelihood is you not be admitted. The application then would see if you could get into #2. When you are admitted to #2, you are no longer in the running for #1. No wait list points because you are in your second choice that you selected. We strongly suggest you do not use this approach. You should only apply to schools that you are equally happy with–or only choose one school and hope for the best.

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