South LA/South Gate

We always recommend your first stop is to personally visit your local schools.  We also wish to note, for parents seeking options, that there is a wealth of “8 magnet point” schools in the southeastern quadrant of Los Angeles.  (For an explanation of the extra choices this gives your family if any one of the below is your home school, see the HIGHLAND PARK page).  As of last year, these “8 magnet point” LAUSD elementaries included:

Aurora Elementary (South LA)

Bryson Elementary (South Gate)

Elizabeth Learning Center (Cudahy)

Foshay LA (South LA)

Hughes Elementary (Cudahy)

Miramonte Elementary (South LA)

Montara Elementary (South Gate)

Pio Pico Elementary (this is actually closer to Pico, just north of the 10)

San Gabriel Elementary (South Gate)

Weigand Elementary (Watts)


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