2013-14 Open Enrollment Season Now Open

LAUSD has opened its Open Enrollment season with applications due by May 24th.  Parents can obtain a list of schools by Educational Service Center (formerly local districts) by visiting here.  

Feel free to ask questions in the comments section, but keep in mind the following:

  • Parents can apply to as many schools as they wish.
  • Transportation is not provided.
  • Lotteries will be held 5/28 through 5/31



School Choice Survey

So did anyone else get the short survey for LAUSD school choice? It came by email, and my husband forwarded it to me, but I had to giggle. Maybe Dr. Deasy can read this blog and he’ll know they have a lot of work to do in helping educate families on how schools of choice, magnet, open enrollment and SAS programs work. As for the question on whether I’d prefer a small learning community or a traditional high school for my child, it will take a while to know–she’s eleven.

The questions were all close ended, meaning there was no way to answer except the choices they gave.

To be fair, they’re asking questions, and that must be celebrated. This will be the survey I am most eager to see the results.

LAUSD Open Enrollment Starts Monday

LAUSD’s open enrollment period starts Monday, May 7th and ends May 25th.  Schools with available seats will have applications available in the office, and families can apply to more than one school.  Schools with more applications than openings will have a lottery the week of May 29th.  Schools that have openings beyond May 25 can continue to accept applications until August 31.  Open enrollment permits continue through matriculation and do not need to be renewed.  Unlike child care permits, there are no requirements.  However transportation is not provided.  For a list of schools visit lausd.net.   And (drumroll please) for questions, ask away in the comments!