As We Head into Magnet Season

Here’s an article from the LA Times on some of the leading magnets:

This list will come in handy when comparing with the e-choices site later this fall.


Schools with Openings 2016-17

I’ve been informed that school starts in just a few weeks. Feel free to post SAS/magnet/neighborhood schools with openings–and the specifics of grade levels, and contact information. Help prevent split grade classrooms and help families find the right schools.

Happy end of summer. ❤

Magnets with Space Available 2016-17? Post here!

Until the 2016-17 space available list posts (and I will link it here), if you are a principal, magnet coordinator, or involved parent, feel free to share magnet openings in this thread.

Please post the school, the city, and any other pertinent information.

Let’s help parents find available magnets and fill those spots in each school.

Open Enrollment Season Has Started

Thanks to one of our very dedicated yentas for this info:

LAUSD just posted open enrollment info.

May 2-May 20, 2016:
District K-12 Open Enrollment application period.

Early to mid-June, 2016:
District K-12 Open Enrollment placements will be announced.

Families must login to the parent registration website in order to accept or decline their placements.

Schools for Advanced Studies (SAS) Applications for 2016-17 Available

Thanks to the heads up from one of our yentas, here’s the link for the updated SAS application for 2016-17:

This does not include affiliated charters, which have their own timelines due to state rules, but with the magnet acceptances and wait lists going out, this is another opportunity to choose where your children can attend.

List LAUSD 2016-17 Magnet Acceptances Here

Letters are now up at Please DO NOT call schools on Friday asking about wait lists. It’s a minimum day at many/most schools. No school will have any info until after the acceptance deadline of April 8.

When the magnet letters go out, please post the school, points, accepted or waitlisted, and anything else that you think might help us read the proverbial tea leaves to determine who got in and where the wait list starts.

Feel free to share this post with other families so we have more complete information. I definitely see new schools in the mix of acceptances and waitlists. Thanks to all posting.

Walter Reed acceptances have also gone out.

Good luck to all. This is the first year after 20 where I haven’t had to fill out an application. 🙂

Space Available List for 2015-16

So you missed the deadline back in November. Or you realize now you want some other options. Here’s the LAUSD list of space available magnets. While it’s not likely folks will want to transfer mid-year, it’s worth contacting them. Or look at this list for future low applicant pool schools.

Look at the list here. ***Correction: this is the list for 2015-16. The 2016-17 list is not on the website yet, but I suspect going into the application will garner the list.

There are some really GREAT schools on this list, either newer magnets or magnets competing with nearby schools for students, or even schools people dismiss for all kinds of reasons.

Apply to these and you’re essentially guaranteed to get in. They have fewer applications than openings, so even if somehow you get waitlisted on this group, some of the original applicants will turn down and your student will get in.

This list will also be SUPER helpful for folks next year to predict which years they might get a surprise acceptance. 🙂