Vena Gifted Elementary:
1) Vena has traditionally been where teachers train to go onto more well-known gifted programs
2) In dealing with gifted kids, they emphasize sports, music and art
3) Vena is a Music Center/LA Opera school
Arleta High School (open enrollment, not magnet)
4×4 scheduling!
For more information, visit


4 thoughts on “Arleta

  1. I grew up in the Northeast Valley and went to Vena mylsef some 25 years ago. My parents still live in the area and were urging me to look for a preschool in the area ( I now live in West Hills) I’m looking for a preschool for my four year old. Is there any such gems in or around Canoga Park?

  2. I’m a teacher at Vena and I wanted to add/clarify a few things about my school.

    1) All Vena Magnet teachers have ten or more years of experience. Vena Magnet teachers do not end up in other well-known gifted programs. We love our school so much we stay put. (Vena Elementary does have student teachers from CSUN that are mentored by our experienced staff.)
    2) We have a very well-balanced program. Our focus areas are the arts and science; but we are also strong in language arts, math, technology, and social studies.
    3) Vena Avenue Elementary & Gifted H/A Magnet has just been named a California Distinguished School.
    4) We have third grade openings right now. All other grades are sold out! 🙂

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