Help Your School Win $5000 is hosting a contest for the months of August, September and October where three lucky schools will win $5000 each.  There’s no groceries to buy, no fundraisers to support, and you’re already an expert at what they’re requesting.

Simply write a review of your child’s school, then get two friends from the school to do the same, and you’re entered.  Every review after that up to ten reviews is another entry.  So unlike American Idol, you won’t have to call in for hours.  A simple, thoughtful review on what you like (and perhaps what you don’t) about your child’s school.  There’s more information here.

Parent’s word of mouth is one of the best ways to narrow down the search for a school and you’ll be helping your school and a whole lot of parents at the same time.   And whether your school chooses to put the money toward technology, art, a new playground, or music, it’s entirely up to you.  Good luck!