School Closure Resources

It looks like schools are going to be closed indefinitely. My heart goes out to the class of 2020 and the rest of the students…but also to the parents who are wrestling with working from home and keeping kids on task.

I’ve decided to throw this page up as part of the blog in order to help with homework/classwork many parents were not prepared to be teaching and hours they need to fill.

Please feel free to add resources in the comments, and after I vet them I will add to this initial post.


Tarver Academy provides online videos to explain Algebra and Geometry–along with a little humor. Bonus points because the instructor looks a lot like Ryan Gosling.

Millikan Teacher Mrs. Yamasaki offers Math tutorials for Algebra.


Los Angeles County Public Libraries offer materials like ebooks, movies and more.

Los Angeles City Library besides online books, movies, etc., offers links to online tutoring. Every single LAUSD student is eligible and was sent a card at some point. If the regular link gives you trouble with the kid’s card, try this one.


California Teacher of the Year, Daniel Jocz, offers high school history help with

Eduham at home offers a free home version of the Gilder Lehrman primary sources curriculum that has been made famous through the musical “Hamilton.”


Jet Propulsion Laboratory has all kinds of projects, sortable by grade level. Because you finally have time to build that backyard planetarium out of trash bags.

The Arts


The Grammy Museum at home offers artist talks and curriculum (Music of the Civil Rights Movement!?!).


NY City Ballet principal Tiler Peck offers a daily dance class at 10 am PT (1 pm ET).


Worksheets/Academic Support in a variety of offers PK-5 worksheets, sample schedules, and tips to survive learning from home.

And finally….if anyone from the USC is still in the school of education who was there during the time of the teacher furloughs a decade ago–anyone able to re-create a current list like the former SOS Classroom links by grade and subject. PLEASE. In the meantime, the grade-by-grade games and websites are available thanks to an archive of the SOS Classroom site.