2021-2022 Magnet Applications

The Meet the Magnets events this year will no doubt be different due to the pandemic. Apply between October 1 and November 13.

Update: I attended the HS Meet the Magnets event last night and schools are absolutely pulling out technological stops that I would never have expected from LAUSD.

This morning, this website went live including a cartoon video that will walk people through the points system and the entire magnet program: https://lausdmagnets.com/

After 25 years of LAUSD and magnets, it apparently has taken a pandemic to get LAUSD to provide the information to families in a digestible format complete with visuals.

LDNE & LDNW Meet the Magnets Senior High School event will be held on Wednesday, September 30th. https://www.facebook.com/LAUSDLDNortheast/photos/pcb.179621033683788/179620867017138/

LDNE & LDNW Meet the Magnets Middle School event will be held a week later: https://www.facebook.com/LAUSDLDNortheast/photos/pcb.179621033683788/179620877017137/

Other schools or local districts with tour information or magnet nights, please post in the comments and we’ll share up here.

10 thoughts on “2021-2022 Magnet Applications

  1. The Paul Revere Math, Science, Technology Magnet


    Thank you for your interest in Paul Revere Middle School! For this Fall, we are planning remote and virtual tour opportunities to meet and hear from the administration, parent leaders, and current students.
    In the meantime, please take a virtual tour here and access our parent presentation below.

    First virtual tour is SEPTEMBER 24, 2020

    Please contact Anne Tierney with questions.


  2. I also would love any thoughts/reviews/experience on the science academy magnet. Both application/testing process and school experience. Thank you

  3. Hi! My child attends AES and we are on the search for a match for middle school. I do not know if I should apply for a charter, SAS or Magnet program. (also on an IEP). We live in Canoga Park. My thoughts were Nobel, Portola maybe? We were looking at the new Woodland Hills Academy because it seemed smaller- but they seem to be so unorganized. Child is bright and science, reading are strong areas. I really do not know what to consider ? Are there any good Charters? and is Charter now the same as magnet – we have to use as one of our 3 choices for selection? Appreciate any feedback!!!

  4. On the echoices application, there is an option to be contacted by other schools if your child doesn’t get into any of the selected schools. If I say yes – just to see what possibilities there might be, does that mean that I would lose my points if a random school offers me a position that I don’t want?

    • You do not have to say yes to any of the schools that might contact you from that check off box. Often the schools that reach out are schools with specific openings in specific grades and you may not hear from any school. Years ago, we did hear from San Jose for 4th or 5th grade and we were polite and firm. No thanks. It doesn’t hurt to check the box and given that we’re in completely unknown territory with the pandemic, there may be more calls…or fewer. They may be calling to avoid grade level splits or to open a new classroom. If you haven’t toured every option or aren’t set on a single school, you may get a call from a school you hadn’t considered that may be a perfect fit. Good luck.

  5. Hi Magnet Angel. I’m hoping you might have an answer to this…..What magnet elementary school would be one of my best choices to apply to for kindergarten if my hopes are to get denied?

    • Hi Griselda,

      The good news with kindergarten is plenty of people apply and there are only so many spots available. The bad news is that most of the people applying are trying for the points and many people turn down the spots. Add in that we are in the middle of a pandemic, and there is probably no way to guess what schools would be more likely to turn you down. Make sure that the school you choose is within the requirements, and has significantly more applicants than spaces.

      And be aware that you may get in from the wait list up to five weeks into the school year, so there are no guarantees of being denied until next fall.

      Good luck.

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