Help Your School Win $1000 with “The Loh Down on Science”

Sandra Tsing Loh, the original Magnet Yenta, has offered schools a great way to win $1000 by visiting her new website.  What public school couldn’t put that to good use?  Read on:

After seven years on KPCC and beyond, The Loh Down on Science has just received a mega-grant grant from the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation to expand our reach.  Among other things, on May 1 we’re officially launching a new interactive website which contains what we hope is a handy, cross-indexed version of our 1700-plus archive of daily science minutes (since 2005).  The intention is for it to be an open-source, quickly-searchable science almanac–a useful and fun tool for families and even schools, given the current underfunded state of K-12 STEM education.    
Because the more people use us, the more we learn, we thought it would be fun to kick May off with a contest.  Kids, families and friends can register and play  for their favorite public school (it’s quick and can even be done on one’s mobile phone).  We feel it’s a win/win–as users interact with our site, more daily conversations about science will occur, and in thanks, I’m pledging $1,000 to the winning public school.  In addition, simply by enrolling, schools will also automatically be eligible for special upcoming Loh Down events involving JPL’s Mad Scientist Guy (from the Mars Rover landing), Mike Brown, the very nice Caltech astronomer who “killed Pluto,” and more. 
So visit register your school, and get learning for a chance at earning $1000!