2020-2021 LAUSD Magnet Results

Please feel free to share your good news or commiserate with others in this post.

It is helpful if you share




(and any other information you feel comfortable sharing: minority/white, gender, etc)




54 thoughts on “2020-2021 LAUSD Magnet Results

  1. Hello. We are waitlisted at LACES, white male, 16 pts. Is there a way to find out what number we are on the waitlist?

      • Do you have any information on Affiliated Charter Schools? I applied to a few in the valley and obviously I imagine Covid has derailed things but the school websites seem to say they’d have held their public lottery drawings in late february but none of them show any further info and on my Echoices letter it just says “wait list” for all the charter schools and that we’d be contacted if space opens. Just curious if anyone knows anything more about this process since it’s new to Echoices this year.

        • Keep in mind, Affiliated Charters are “charter light.” They’re not really charters. Website updates at the school level have probably been suspended given all the admins have to do just to keep the school world turning. As they’ve moved the affiliated charters under the E-choices umbrella (more proof they’re not really charters), and the portal says “wait list,” it’s safe to assume they held the lotteries and you will hear as they move down the website. You may want to try to reach out via email to a school official at the schools you chose. But given what they’re dealing with now, please be understanding on how long it takes them to get back to you about a wait list given that they all still have kids that they are trying to get online and staff members to get Zoom proficient to teach lessons. It’s not to sound short, but there’s no precedent for this. There will be wait list movement, I guarantee that this year, but honestly, you’re best off just hanging tight.

          • Totally understand things are wacky right now. One last question, do you know if we accept a placement at an Affiliated Charter, do we lose spot on wait list at a magnet?

  2. Eagle rock HG 5 GR waitlisted , no points yet , second time applying ! First time he was accepted ( different school)

  3. Cleveland – humanities
    White, female, 9th, 12 points, waitlisted

    Porter- white, male, 6th, 12 points, accepted

  4. Sorry I can’t figure out how to post online from my phone White male Wonderland gifted Third grade Wait listed with eight points

    On Mon, Mar 16, 2020 at 1:58 PM Ask A Magnet Yenta wrote:

    > magnetangel posted: “Please feel free to share your good news or > commiserate with others in this post. It is helpful if you share School > Grade Points (and any other information you feel comfortable sharing: > minority/white, gender, etc) Acceptance/Waitlist &nbsp” >

    • Hah I’m so sorry. We were waitlisted at COmmunity Magnet, not Wonderland. I had Wonderland on the brain. So waitlisted with eight points white male third grade COmmunity Magnet

  5. Accepted into 6th grade LACES.
    White female with 19 points (12 waitlist, 3 sibling, 4 PHBAO).

    Waitlisted- 5th grade Community Magnet
    White male with 12 points

  6. Hi! My daughter was accepted at:
    Portola Middle School – Highly Gifted Magnet (first and only choice on eChoices)
    with matriculation points from elementary school.

    Also accepted into Walter Reed Middle School IHP.

    Getting both was unexpected and we really don’t know which to choose. Any thoughts?

  7. Science Academy Stem Magnet 6th grade
    White female 12 points – Accepted

    Also got into Reed IHP. Happy but tough choices!

  8. We are grateful for both children’s first choice magnet acceptances.
    White Male, 6th grade, Hale Steam, 8pts
    (We didn’t apply for any other magnets, but he got a charter acceptance to Nobel and a charter waitlist for Portola AIAT)
    White Female, 9th grade, Cleveland Humanities, 12pts
    (Only choice. Some of our daughters friends were waitlisted at Cleveland with 12pts.)
    Thank you for the information gleaned from this site.

  9. I e-mailed the district to see if any changes are planned for parent notification from the waitlists. This is their current reply, which obviously could change. I would expect most people will be waiting until the last minute (4/17) to accept or decline given no ability to tour/attend activities, etc.

    Response: Although schools are not in session, magnet coordinators are working. They have remote access to all relevant district applications and will call or email parents when seats become available.

    • It makes perfect sense. Yes, magnet coordinators can work from home. And people do tend to wait to push the button. If anything, there may be a day or two delay where magnet coordinators reach out to the folks who haven’t responded in order to make sure people don’t forget.

  10. Lake Balboa College Prep, 3rd Grade, Boy, White, 8 points, selected.

    But….. With the schools closed for the Stay at Home Covid-19 order, we just can’t decide whether to accept or decline! We’re pulling our hair out. We’ve never even toured the campus, let alone speak to any stakeholders.

    I understand if we lose the seat by declining. But, considering the circumstances, I really don’t think we should lose the points we had at least before this application! We don’t know what to do! We don’t want to start from scratch, our neighborhood LAUSD elementary school is abysmal, and we’ve struggled to the bone financially to have him in private school for the last 3 years. And, that was when the economy was doing well. Who knows what’s coming!

    • It’s very unlikely that the district will change the outlook based on several issues. Tours are typically in the fall before families apply. There are many well-known schools that do not tour in the Spring in a typical year. Have you had to commit and pay the deposit for the private school already?

      • Yeah. We did already commit & pay the deposit before the Magnet results came out. Then we found out about the selection after LAUSD closed. I guess we should have done our due diligence earlier, but I really didn’t think he would be selected.

        This will only put us 1-2 years behind in points (he was wait listed for everything last year), but who knows what can happen in 2 years. There’s just no way we could place him in our local elementary, so we’re stuck now for that time (maybe). We really didn’t know much about Lake Balboa and we couldn’t bring ourselves to commit. I hope I didn’t make a huge mistake declining that selection.

        • It’s a difficult lesson, but it’s one to remember. They assume if you get chosen you will attend. So for the next couple of years, make sure you apply to places your son will actually attend. And when the schools open, go ahead and tour your neighborhood school. You may be surprised by what you see.

  11. I just got a call today from Eagle Rock GH magnet ! My son got accepted from waiting list for 5th grade !
    Should he change school? He is attending Carpenter community charter! Im a little confused, I didn’t even expect that he would get there! We live in studio city

    • Only you know whether he should move or not. He will be moving from his friends and graduation (assuming the pandemic is over by fall). Have you looked at the bus route? What made you choose that school to apply?

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