About Us

“Ask A Magnet Yenta” began as an advice column on the LA Times “School Me” blog (2006 to 2007) to help Los Angeles parents negotiate the LAUSD magnet system. Original “Magnet Yenta” Sandra Tsing Loh was joined by Angel Zobel-Rodriguez and a host of other savvy, experienced public school moms (and dads!) in dispensing free online advice. Happy Tenth Anniversary to us!

Our vision (and parents’ network) has since expanded to include charter schools, neighborhood schools, and schools in the larger Los Angeles area. Our core mission continues to be to serve LA families by helping them get connected with good public schools.

While we aim to be able to answer every question, keep in mind this is a volunteer effort of a few parents and responses can vary from five minutes to five hours to five days or more depending on how specific the question is and who feels comfortable answering. The majority of this blog is San Fernando Valley based, with a few parents responding from other areas, but there are areas (schools/situations) that we can not answer or do not feel comfortable answering. To repeat, the general zone for this website is 818-based. We do have parents who respond from other areas, and we do recruit ringers to answer on occasion, but this is a free service.

For more technical LAUSD magnet- or enrollment- specific questions can continue be directed to Angel Zobel-Rodriguez at: lausdmagnetangel@gmail.com but please post all magnet/SAS/open enrollment questions to the blogs so others can share the “wealth” of responses. Any question that will benefit the whole will be referred back to the blog. Please read the FAQ and a good portion of the blog before reaching out. Thanks for understanding. While Angel can help with certain questions, remember, there are 1000 schools in LAUSD and the odds of her having personal insight into a particular school is VERY unlikely, and even if she has experience, her last child is now in college, so you may be referred to the correct LAUSD office for more relevant/current intel.