West Hollywood

West Hollywood Elementary

Our mom friend Joanne has been a parent booster helping to rally the community around West Hollywood Elementary for several years now.  Exciting new things happening at West Hollywood Elementary include a salad bar (really? we’re going over!), enrichment clubs tailored to parents’ schedules, and a flourishing drama program including an annual June Broadway show (it IS West Hollywood–that feels entirely natural).  For more info, contact:

Jill Kroger (president, FOWHE, Friends of West Hollywood Elementary)


(323) 655-7447


Their sister school

Melrose Elementary

is also going great guns.  More parent contact info on Melrose, you can shoot an e-mail to Joanne at:



6 thoughts on “West Hollywood

  1. It has been awhile since the last posting. WeHoEl has moved over 200 points in the API in the last 5 years. It is now 847 and heading up, up, up.
    The teachers engage the students, the parents support the teachers and the staff and the new principal has stepped up to the challenge. It ain’t easy riding a rocket.
    If you are near the neighborhood come over and see what is cooking at WeHoEl.
    We have Open Enrollment and hope to have it in spring of 2010 as in previous years.

    • I’m interesting in moving my 2nd grader to West Hollywood Elem (or Hancock Park). He’s in the gifted program but I will enroll him in the SAS program instead. I called the school and they do have open enrollment this year also but I’m wondering if anyone know the number of open seats of the school last year vs the applications submitted.


      • Clarification. He’s going into 3rd grade and any numbers for West Hollywood Elem and Hancock Park would be great. Thanks again!

      • Leslie,

        Contact the school directly. They’ll be able to tell you the number of open seats and applications submitted for last year. My daughter’s school gets that request all the time. It’s not privileged information, so they should tell you.

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