Post Your 2022-2023 Magnet Acceptances Here

Magnet and Other Unified Enrollment letters went out this week. Check your E-Choices portal for updates. Please share your acceptances & wait list notifications in the comments and include school name, child’s gender, race (white/minority is fine), points on the application and whether your student was accepted or rejected.

Please keep in mind that a wait list slot now is a wait list slot until Norm Day (5 weeks into the next school year), so students may be called well into September.

Congrats to those who got accepted and fingers crossed for those on the wait list.


5 thoughts on “Post Your 2022-2023 Magnet Acceptances Here

  1. King Gifted Magnet – male/white/16 points – accepted. (Choosing between that and Reed IHP, would love opinions on either)

    • Hey! We’re choosing between Reed IHP and an all-girls’ private school for our daughter. Would love to hear people’s opinions about Reed. I’ve spoken to a few families whose kids go there, and here’s what I’ve heard. The academics are very strong, especially the English and math teachers. They have an excellent music program. The IHP kids are all very well-behaved and genuinely nice kids; it feels like a small school even though reed itself is large. However, several people have said that it can be a lot of homework and that their kids felt burned out. And they’ve also said that the kids can be very academically competitive–lots of comparing grades etc. The competitiveness has me a little worried; would love to hear if that’s been people’s experience.

  2. King arts and tech Gifted middle. Make/white/16 points. But I applied late and email came after I accepted Walter Reed. I prefer King for my kid. I accepted via email to King – am I in? Or did I screw this up? It used to be you could accept an SAS and still be on magnet list. I feel sick. I like Reed but King has so many electives, which my kid wants. King is not showing up on my echoices. It never did. Was just an email.

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