Post Your 2022-2023 Magnet Acceptances Here

Magnet and Other Unified Enrollment letters went out this week. Check your E-Choices portal for updates. Please share your acceptances & wait list notifications in the comments and include school name, child’s gender, race (white/minority is fine), points on the application and whether your student was accepted or rejected.

Please keep in mind that a wait list slot now is a wait list slot until Norm Day (5 weeks into the next school year), so students may be called well into September.

Congrats to those who got accepted and fingers crossed for those on the wait list.


2021-2022 Magnet Applications

The Meet the Magnets events this year will no doubt be different due to the pandemic. Apply between October 1 and November 13.

Update: I attended the HS Meet the Magnets event last night and schools are absolutely pulling out technological stops that I would never have expected from LAUSD.

This morning, this website went live including a cartoon video that will walk people through the points system and the entire magnet program:

After 25 years of LAUSD and magnets, it apparently has taken a pandemic to get LAUSD to provide the information to families in a digestible format complete with visuals.

LDNE & LDNW Meet the Magnets Senior High School event will be held on Wednesday, September 30th.

LDNE & LDNW Meet the Magnets Middle School event will be held a week later:

Other schools or local districts with tour information or magnet nights, please post in the comments and we’ll share up here.

School Closure Resource Page

Since it’s looking less likely that online learning is just for a couple of weeks, I’ll be updating a page to help parents get help for their kids. Sharing a roof 24/7 is tough enough without bringing schoolwork into the equation.

Page is here:

Feel free to suggest links. I’ll add them to the main page as I can.


Stay safe.


2020-2021 Choices Season Now Open

For local district school choice faires, please visit:

Applications are due November 15.

This includes Magnets, SAS, Affiliated Charter, Dual Language, Permits with Transportation, and Admission Criteria programs.

Questions? Drop them in the comments section. Ask a Magnet Yenta is 100% free, parent-provided support.

Open Enrollment 4/29 thru 5/17

Not held in conjunction with Unified Enrollment, Open Enrollment provides one more chance to apply to a school that has openings and your family is not already zoned for.

The link is here. Families can apply to up to 5 schools. Some schools have under a handful of spots and a few high schools have 150+ spots.

Best of luck.

Post 2019-2020 Acceptances and Rejections Here

We’re now at the point where the magnet acceptances should be any day now (there is some question as to whether they’ll be out today or Monday or who knows?)

Good luck to all. We’re in the middle of college acceptances here and it’s no easier waiting the older the kids get.

Please provide the following:



Gender/White or Minority

accepted or waitlisted


2019-2020 Magnet Season Opens October 1

***UPDATE: Due to the fires and evacuations, LAUSD has generously extended the deadline for e-Choices until November 16. Please share this information with all you know.


Per the echoices website, “The on-time application window for the 2019-2020 academic year is October 1 – November 9, 2018. During this time period you can submit an application for the following programs: Magnet, Permits With Transportation, Dual Language Education, Admission Criteria Schools and Schools for Advanced Studies.”

Ask a Magnet Yenta attempts to offer advice (and emotional support) for the LAUSD magnet program and the SAS program. Where we can, we will offer help on other programs. Please remember this is an entirely volunteer force, and we are paying it forward.

To help our yentas with your questions, be as specific as you can. Post your questions in the comments below.

As an aside, 2019-2020 will be the first year that Magnet Angel no longer has a child in LAUSD after 24 years. Good luck to all applicants!

Some cool additions: L.A. Unified, in cooperation with the Compton Unified School District (CUSD), offers a limited number of 9th grade openings at the King- Drew Magnet High School of Medicine and Science. These openings are ONLY available to residents of CUSD.

They clearly list the kindergarten magnets giving more options for more families.

Good luck!