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People who live in the Carpenter Elementary district tend to know it–that’s why they moved there.  Other popular elementaries near the Boulevard are Colfax, Dixie Canyon and Riverside.  However, thanks to our writer Stacy (see PARENTS SEEKING SCHOOLS, comments #10 – #13) up new on our radar is the lovely and on-the-move:

Rio Vista Elementary

For more parent-to-parent info, contact:

Theresa Franklin

404 0558 in the 818


31 thoughts on “Studio City

  1. Hi,

    I am the parent of a 6 year old who attended Rio Vista for K, and we are looking forward to 1st grade now! My family loves this school and the community. It is a small, creative, middle class pocket of no snobbery…such a relief from the norm. The parents are involved, even though both parents are often working. The PTA is great, they have a beautiful organic garden. Weddington Park is wonderful for after school and Danica, the Director, is a sweetheart. Just don’t tell too many…it’s a nice little neighborhood secret! 🙂

  2. Monica, Thanks for the info. My nanny took my kids to Weddington park today and I just can’t believe that we have never been there! They LOVED it!! I have a call into the school to see when I can come and check it out. ((feeling much better))

  3. I am a parent with a 6th grader in private school in the city that is looking for magnet/highly gifted middle schools in an area somewhat near studio city where we live. Our neighborhood school is Walter Reed Middle School. Any suggestions?

  4. Anat:

    First off, check out the “Middle school” menu link to the left here… you might find more kernels of wisdom.

    Second, Walter Reed just happens to host one of the few programs in LAUSD for Highly Gifted (as opposed to Gifted) middle schoolers. Check out Reed’s “Individualized Honors Program” (IHP). Call the school office, tours are going on now. The child must qualify and it is VERY competitive, but certainly an excellent option for you!

    Reed also has several other “smaller learning communities” such as a humanities academy, SAS program, etc. so you have a variety of options and Reed has an excellent reputation. Check out that neighborhood school — you have a good one!

    Good luck!

  5. Thanks for the quick response. I will look into Walter Reed. I didn’t however find the middle school link you were referring to….unless you meant “Middle Schools-Help!!!”.

  6. Dear Anat–

    Portola is the nearest highly gifted magnet for middle school. It’s located in Tarzana/Encino.

    There are also programs at Walter Reed that people literally kill to get into–like their SAS and IHP, as well as a magnet. Have you visited it yet?

    – Angel

  7. Thanks Angel for the information. I have not visited it yet. Just starting the process of looking. Are there private schools that you would recommend I look into as well?

  8. Anat,
    I’m not of much use regarding private schools. I’m a product of public schools, I went to public schools, and my kids go to public schools. I’m sure you can find people with very strong pro-private opinions though.

  9. Anat and All,
    I’m in the market for a great middle school for my 5th grader who will be finishing her elementary school education in the Burbank school district. We’re pretty unimpressed w/the Jordan Middle School option (Burbank) so we, too, are looking at what appears to be an AMAZING program at Walter Reed. Our needs sound similar, Anat. We need a highly gifted program as well and will be touring Walter Reed in January. Can’t believe we might have actually found a school that offers spanish and latin in the 6th grade. The enormity of the school itself has me a bit concerned in terms of PE and lunch, etc. Will let you all know what I think when I’m done with the tour! Checked out Immaculate Heart School last weekend…lovely, but thoroughly unimpressed w/the 6th grade core teachers. Vastly improves for 7th and 8th, if anyone is looking for “all girls” education.
    Anyone else out there at Walter Reed? Am confused as to how the IHP, Humanities honors, and SAS really differ? Thank you!

  10. Marie:
    We looked at Reed IHP this year and were very impressed with the school. I’ve heard very positive things, a friend has a daughter in IHP and had two sons go through it and is very happy. Our 7th grade tourguide was in the Humanities program and very happy, said she got admitted to IHP but she chose Humanities because there was less homework (LOL). As far as differences among the programs at Reed, I believe it boils down to 1) the criteria for admission to each program are different and 2) the classes/teachers are different (so if you are counting on Spanish and Latin, that might not apply in all cases). Each program is run separately. I am guessing you’ve already seen the Small Learning Communities (SLC) brochure on their website which talks about each program? Ask your question at the tour in January and if that answer doesn’t suffice, contact Jennifer Walker, the SLC Coordinator there with your specific questions (her contact info is on the website – but she does Q&A at the tours, too, so you can ask in person). You are right that there are fine points of difference between the programs, so you are smart to examine them to find the best one for your child. The good news at Reed is that you can apply for more than one program and rank the order of preference! Good luck.

  11. Hiya,
    I’m loving this site and have lots of questions.
    I currently have an almost 5 year old with the infamous fall birthday. Our neighborhood school is Rio Vista and I have heard wonderful things about the Kindergarten and the new priicipal. We will be going to Kindergarten next year. She is currently enrolled in a Pre K since she has been in daycare/school while I was working. After a summer at home she has been really enjoying school (and time away from her little brother – tee hee)
    I toured the Rio Vista Pre-K program but she since she was 5, 11 days before the cut off we were not permitted to attend).

    My questions are:
    1.) What are the best elementary magnets/charters in the burbank, studio city, sherman oaks, valley village areas?

    2.) How is the bullying issue at Rio Vista.

    3.) How does the percentage of english learners affect the curriculum.

    4.) How is the SAS program and upper grades at Rio Vista.

    I really appreciate the insights


  12. I am in the Ihp and its is the highest slc there is
    in 6th grade you either take algebra or pre algebra
    in 8th you either take algebra 2 or geometry
    its really challenging and in the school itself there are really no bullies its a calm and nice school
    the slc are even better the ihp is the highest then comes sas after istch honors, humanities and lastly the new program culinary arts

  13. Hello there,

    I’m curious to know where most Reed students go to for High School? Since they don’t accumulate any magnet points, would a magnet HS even be an option?


    • Audrey, I’d be curious where the Reed kids go myself, since it’s one of the schools I’m looking at for my daughter. If there are any Reed parents lurking, now would be a great time to share.

      As for magnets, they can do the same thing everyone else does–accumulate points through rejection. Wait list points of three years are the equivalent of matriculating from a magnet.

  14. Audrey and Magnetangel,
    My child is indeed in the IHP and the high school search after such an incredible program can be daunting. I find the challenge to be the following: the community of the Walter Reed IHP is like nothing else I’ve seen. You have kids coming from all over LA, Glendale, Burbank, etc. with completely different backgrounds and socio-economic situations. The one thing the kids have in common is that they are in amongst their intellectual peers with an incredible thirst to learn. As my daughter pointed out, some of the kids can be annoying but they certainly aren’t boring! Ha! She’s been truly excited about school every day.
    High school? We’re looking at Cleveland humanities (love the program but the schlep to Reseda’s no fun), Notre Dame, LACSA, Burbank schools, and a few more privates. By the way, we did the magnet point thing as well and lost a bunch last year when Valley Alternative called and admitted our daughter. Nuts! FYI: Cleveland says the number of points are ultimately not an issue for them. Lots of IHP kids heading to NH highly gifted, Notre Dame, Cleveland, Hamilton, and, of course, the privates. Hope this helps!

    • Thanks Marie! Great advice. I’ve heard the same for Cleveland, at the very least, there is the bus. I know with Reed we will become intimate with the 170. But I’m game.

  15. Question for you all…Taft? Anyone in the IHP program there? There have been rumblings around the Reed IHP that matriculation into that program would be well worth the drive!

    • I can talk to a few people next week. I know some families that go, so I’ll try to direct them over here. I know they’re very happy.

    • I don’t know firsthand — Angel’s contacts would be better — but I can say I heard their “spiel” at magnet night at Walter Reed last fall. The principal herself appeared, which means she is pushing it, along with a student and teacher and their presentation was compelling. They have Pierce College classes on campus and a lot of flexibility for the students, plus stressed strong arts and sports offerings. I hadn’t planned to attend the Taft speech but that night another mom told me she had friends there who really liked it and she had been impressed.

  16. Has anyone made the transition from Walter Reed to High School yet? Which high schools have you chosen and do you feel you made the right choice for your child?

  17. I am looking into Walter Reed’s culinary arts program Honors, for my gifted child. I am concerned that it might not be as academically challenging as the technology slc. Does anyone have experience with these groups, that can offer insight? Thx. (my child was accepted to culinary arts Honors, and wait listed to Technology Honors).

  18. HI,
    My name is Claudia, I will be moving From Texas to California in early November along with my husband and two sons who are currently in Kindergarten and First grade. I have a very limited amount of time to choose an elementary school for my boys. We will more than likely live in either Studio City, Burbank or Glendale. Where we end up living will depend on where we are able to find a good school. My husband will travel to California to visit some schools and neighborhoods in about a week but I want to narrow my list of schools down. the schools that I am interested in(based solely on parent reviews and student diversity) are 1. Rio Vista Elementary 2. Carpenter Community Charter School 3. Mark Keppler Elementary 4.R. L. Stevenson. I need advice since I am not at all familiar with the area or the schools, I am choosing a school for my boys blindfolded! I will gladly welcome any feedback that you can offer.
    Thank you!

  19. Hi,

    I’m trying to enroll my son in Carpenter through the lottery process. He’s #2 on the lottery for K. Does anyone know if Carpenter enrolls students for Kindergarten through the lottery process??

    Thanks so much!!

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