Per a reader: What about Reseda, home to magnets at Reseda High, SOCES, and Cleveland High. What area would I look under to read information about those? Ask and you shall receive.

I always figured Cleveland was in Northridge, so I learned something new.

Reseda High’s receives high marks for its Science Magnet and a plethora of new magnets and academies. The Robotics team is a big attraction here.

SOCES (Sherman Oaks Center for Enriched Studies) is actually in Tarzana as well. Choose this school if you want your magnet journey over early. Get a spot in 4th or 6th grade and no more magnet applications–ever. The downside is the campus does have a wide age span, and for some parents that’s a little off putting. But the academics are there, the extra curriculars are there earlier than most kids can get at other schools.


7 thoughts on “Reseda/Tarzana

    • My two cents, FWIW — Cleveland’s “CORE” Magnet is very hot right now. Many of the kids in the HG Magnet from Portola Middle School chose it over North Hollywood HG Magnet this past year. I know of kids who attended and loved it (we loved it for our child but the lack of a real music program there — boo! — was a big problem so we went elsewhere). On the tour it seemed to attract the more “artsy/adventurous” types versus the head-down-get-the-top-ACT-score high achiever types, though that is a generalization for sure and their kids also achieve very well, go to great colleges, etc. .

      Pros: Great magnet. Teachers don’t use textbooks but create their own coursepacks and use original fiction and source documents, etc. BIG WRITING component — large essay tests which cover history/English/science, etc. in a multi-disciplinary way based upon all learned to date. We were very impressed by the enthusiasm and kindness/true interest the staff and coordinator seem to take in the students. It feels very communal and warm. Also, in recent years they go far down the waitlist so people with even few points (4-8?) can get in if they are patient. You can ask the coordinator for the latest info. They have a swimming pool so offer swimming activities/sports which other schools can’t.

      Cons: Tough local demographics, campus safety concerns (some gang activity around school — but where isn’t there?), not the most lovely location.

      Definitely worth a look!

  1. We applied to attend this fall (2016) for 9th grade. We will only have 4 points so I realize our chances are slim of getting in. Do they generally go through their wait list? Just preparing in advance. Thank you!!!

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