School Choice Survey

So did anyone else get the short survey for LAUSD school choice? It came by email, and my husband forwarded it to me, but I had to giggle. Maybe Dr. Deasy can read this blog and he’ll know they have a lot of work to do in helping educate families on how schools of choice, magnet, open enrollment and SAS programs work. As for the question on whether I’d prefer a small learning community or a traditional high school for my child, it will take a while to know–she’s eleven.

The questions were all close ended, meaning there was no way to answer except the choices they gave.

To be fair, they’re asking questions, and that must be celebrated. This will be the survey I am most eager to see the results.

5 thoughts on “School Choice Survey

  1. I saw a hard copy of the 8-question survey last week as it was stuffed into 3500 bags which were given to families attending the LAUSD Family Summit. The Parent Community Services Branch (PCSB) is reviewing those surveys and compiling results – keep in mind that the Summit was open only to secondary school students and their parents/guardians while the electronic version was sent to 130,000 email addresses *if* it went to every one in the District’s current parent email database.

    As to your question regarding small learning communities (SLCs), these were the flavor of the month several years ago but there has been considerably less focus on them in the public school choice alphabet soup lately; many in UTLA treated the effort as a “this too shall pass” situation… and some would argue that they were right.

    • Having had a high schooler at one of the original SLC schools in LAUSD (the magnet was considered an additional SLC), if your child fits into one of the groups, great. His school did a great job of breaking down walls when he needed courses outside his magnet. The new high school in my area houses four different academies. While there are at least two that partially fit my daughter, I’ve been assured that each program is so unique and offers such immersed curriculum, that they will not allow students to go from one academy to another.

      So for my advanced math/science child who also will need a comprehensive music program, this school(s) will not be a fit.

      I can’t recommend a school that requires a 13 year old make a decision about the rest of his or her life, and then doesn’t acknowledge that no kid is cookie-cutter, straight up and down “math kid,” “music kid,” or “humanities kid.” I’m hoping that when they realize that each 400 student campus can’t support a fourth year of language or Calculus BC or some of the other more specialized electives, that they join together and offer those courses–without barriers. For now, it’s their loss.

  2. Question on how SAS programs work. If you get your child accepted into a program, in elementary school (for example), is the child in that school through 5th grade. Thanks.

  3. Yes, the child is in for the length of that particular school. SAS permits do not have to be renewed on a yearly basis.

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