LAUSD Open Enrollment Starts Monday

LAUSD’s open enrollment period starts Monday, May 7th and ends May 25th.  Schools with available seats will have applications available in the office, and families can apply to more than one school.  Schools with more applications than openings will have a lottery the week of May 29th.  Schools that have openings beyond May 25 can continue to accept applications until August 31.  Open enrollment permits continue through matriculation and do not need to be renewed.  Unlike child care permits, there are no requirements.  However transportation is not provided.  For a list of schools visit   And (drumroll please) for questions, ask away in the comments!

45 thoughts on “LAUSD Open Enrollment Starts Monday

  1. I have trouble understanding the actual nuts and bolts of open enrollment. If there are more apps than spots, there is a lottery. OK. However, does this mean that all the names for kids requesting spots get put into the lottery or just those who turned in their apps after the spots were all filled. thanks.

    • Say a school has 10 spots. Nine apply. Everyone gets in, and there are no worries. Say 11 apply. All 11 go into the lottery, and are pulled. Ten get in, and the last child would be the start to the wait list. Since many families apply to more than one school, there is some movement from the wait list, but obviously the higher you are the better.

  2. Hi there. I am debating if I want my child to continue going to the magnet they’re currently enrolled. If I apply for open enrollment to another school and they get in, do they immediately get kicked out of the magnet school and lose their points or does this process not happen until the beginning of the school year? Just trying to figure out if we can have a sure thing with open enrollment and if we decide to stay with the magnet it’s still an option.


    • Hi Suzie,

      The open enrollment lotteries will be held the first week of June. If your daughter got in, you’d be called and given a week to decide. But you would not be automatically removed from the magnet.

      Good luck.

      • Thanks for clarifying because I actually thought we found out before this current school calendar year ended. That’s a relief.

        Also, in regards to charter schools (and a popular one at that) If they make enrollment forms available for the 2012-2013 school year, how long do they keep your form on file? Is it possible to get a call to attend months after school has already started?
        I also understand charter schools are based on lotteries if they have more students wanting to attend then there are spots for. Do they separate those with priority points from those that don’t have priority points when conducting the lottery? I’ve never been apart of the process and was wondering how it is exactly done; especially at sought after charters. Thanks again.

        • They likely keep your application on file until the first couple of weeks of the school year, but I’d call to confirm that and any point priorities. Each charter can run their lotteries differently, so you’d need to get clarification. You can ask that and ask your spot on the wait list. If you’re under #10, rather than say, #230, you can at least hope to get a call.

          • I think I may have missed this one as I’m sure it’s posted somewhere on this website. However, if your child is currently enrolled in a magnet and applies to a middle school magnet that is overcrowded, I know they still get to keep their magnet points but for how long?

          • If you are applying for 6th grade, and your child is currently in a magnet elementary school, your child receives 12 points (plus any of the other points you might have–sibling, PHBAO, overcrowding). If somehow your child doesn’t get in by norm date (about a month into the school year), you would receive 4 wait list points when applying in 7th grade.

          • Hi Magnetangel. I see your very helpful information here and am grateful for all of it. I do have a couple questions to add. Is it wise to ask your child’s position on the wait list at the charter now, or is it best to wait until the beginning of the school year?

            Also, if it is the decision of a parent to remove their child from a magnet school they are currently attending with one more year left, do they lose the points they’ve accumulated?


          • Thanks.

            You should definitely call and ask where you are on the wait list, and even how far they typically get through the list. By waiting, you can’t make any alternative plans.

            If you were to remove a child from a magnet, there are no “accumulated” points. They only receive 12 matriculation points if they ‘graduate’ from one magnet and apply to another. There are no wait list points while you are in a magnet. In fact, if you were to apply from one magnet and get into another, you are automatically removed from your current magnet.

  3. Thanks. I figured they just accrue.
    I just wasn’t sure if the points are lost after a certain amount of time passes. So, we would have to keep applying every year (even if my child does not get in) to keep points. For example, we apply to a magnet in 6th but is overcrowded and we don’t apply for 7th grade, do we still keep the points and are avail for 8th grade?

    • Three years accrue, until you reach 12 points. Essentially it’s the same as matriculating from a magnet but the system doesn’t want you to benefit from NOT getting into a magnet either.

  4. Re: new to open enrollment
    I apologize for all the questions and thought I was done until this just happened.

    I just went up to a school to fill out an open enrollment app and was told I had to get an administrator from my child’s current school to sign it. Is there any way around this? Taking time off work and spending $$$ in gas to chase someone down seems a bit odd to me. Won’t the school know when the following year arrives and that child is enrolled elsewhere? Also, I thought if a child is accepted into an open enrollment school, they have five days to confirm if they want to change schools, right?

    • If your children are currently in an LAUSD school, you will need to be signed off. This protects the school in that they are aware you are considering leaving. It is merely a formality. You won’t need to take off a bunch of time for work, you can just drop it in the office when you drop off or pick up. If your child takes the bus every day, your child can drop it in the office. When I took in my SAS form to my daughter’s current school’s office, I left it for a week and came back for it later.

      It’s not that big a deal.

  5. Hello All,
    Quick question from a LAUSD newbie: If a school is not listed on LAUSD’s list of schools with Open Enrollment openings, can you still apply there?
    Thanks in advance!

    • If a school is not on the list for 2012-13, it will not be accepting applications for open enrollment.

  6. Hello. I filled out an open enrollment form for a school that I want my child to attend. Is it okay to call the office to find out if they’re going to have to do a lottery or to find out where my child is on the list? I’m just not sure if this is treated in the same fashion as if it were a charter school and you’re calling to find out as charter schools are used to parents calling for this info. Thanks.

    • If it’s a high-performing open enrollment school, they are used to that call year-round. 🙂 In all seriousness, feel free to call, but try to stay away from morning drop off, lunch and afternoon pick up times, as the office is swamped. Just be brief, ask if they are holding a lottery, and when, and if you don’t attend, can you call and find out your spot on the wait list. Good luck!!

  7. My daughter got in at one of the high performing open enrollment school 2 years ago. (Last year API 900+). We got off the wait list at the end of July.

  8. My sonwho has been in 3rd grade, has just been Identfied as a gifted student June 19th 2012.. He has his sister who will be going in 1st grade in 2013. I want both of them to attend the same school but I am just starting to look for gifted Magnet schools to apply to. Will it be possible for me to find a school that will take my son or both of them before August school year 2013 begins?

  9. We were notified in March that our child was not chosen for the magnet school we wanted. So we were waiting until next year to apply again. However, we just called and emailed on Friday (Aug. 10), four days before school starts, that the school has available space and we now need to enroll. The problem is our child is VERY sensitive and has no time to adapt to the fact that he won’t being to the school he thought he was. If we were notifed earlier, even a few weeks, we could have made an adjustment. Our son just spent the entire summer having playdates, baseball games and hanging out with his friends he thought he was going to school with. We even got assigned to the 4th grade teacher he wanted. Worse, we finally got to 12 points and don’t want to lose them, just because we don’t want to spring a new school on our son. Is there any way to keep him at his current school without losing all 12 points? It’s simply too late to tell him he must start a brand new school tomorrow. Thanks.

    • Sorry, Tyrone, it’s not what you want to hear, but you’ll have to accept the spot at the desired magnet. Worse, that phone call could have come three or more weeks into the school year just before the dreaded ‘norm’ date. I, too, have a sensitive child, and while we were hoping to get rejection points, my daughter got into a highly coveted magnet not once, but twice. So we ended up going SAS for middle school. He could still go to the magnet and keep the friends from the play dates. They could likely end up in middle school again together.

      I know there have been many calls as late as Friday and many people are happy they got in unexpectedly. See if you can have a heart to heart and look at it as an adventure–one that will net him more friends, not fewer.

      Good luck. I know it’s a heart-wrenching decision, but you’re going to have to decide whether it’s a little pain now or having potentially limited choices later–not that it’s impossible.

  10. Do you know when the list of Open Enrollment schools for 2013-14 will be posted? I understand that applications start May 6, but I can’t figure out when/where the list of available spots will be posted. Thanks!

    • It’s imminent, but there’s never a set date. They will announce it on the website, publish it in the local papers, and more than likely mention it on Facebook. And I will post it here as soon as I see the list.

  11. Does anyone know when the school offices will re-open for 2013-14 school year, or does it vary by school? I’m anxious to find out if my daughter has moved up the waiting list for an open enrollment school located on my way to work. She was number 3 on the list after the lottery and we’re really hoping to hear something before school starts so we don’t have to uproot her after school starts. Any opinions, thoughts?

    • Hi Becky. I’m not sure the actual date, but it won’t be before August 1. And then they have to go through messages, so be patient. I understand the not wanting to uproot, and you’ll likely hear before the first day, but you’ll have to practice a lot of breathing exercises. 🙂 Hang in there.

    • I was told July 19th…and we are #2 on our list, so I am in the same boat as you! I wonder how they decide how many “open” seats there are. I know LAUSD gives a number for the lottery itself, but do additional seats become “open” if school is about to start and the registration is low?

      • It won’t be a case if registration is low, per se. But if they have the potential for a split–meaning 12 first graders and 12 second graders, they may move down the list and pluck the families off the list that will prevent the split.

        So it can depend on the grade level you’re applying for, and how many openings. Do either of you know how many openings are available over all?

        • There were 10 open enrollment seats for the school. The first 10 people were contacted after the lottery was held, and they all “accepted” their spots (so they said, anyway). Now, I am #2 on the waiting list…meaning that I was #12 in the lottery but there were only 10 spots.

          I have no idea how it works at this point. If the lucky 10 don’t all enroll, then do they go down the list? And there doesn’t seem to be a deadline by which they would have to register either. So confusing!

          • If they haven’t contacted you by August 1, you’re within your right to call and ask what the procedure has been to this point. You can also go in if you think you’re more convincing in person.

            Ask what the 10 were supposed to do, like did they need to fill in their forms, etc., and have they heard from anyone about changing their mind ereor have they all filled in the forms. If those 10 are registered, it’s not looking good.

            The frustrating part is it absolutely can happen a week or two into the school year. I’ll keep my fingers crossed that it happens in August.

  12. Thanks for the info. I know that last year, at the same school, they worked their way down to #16 on the list, so I’m hoping for the same this year. Fingers crossed!

  13. Hi, what if I just started considering sending my kid to a magnet. She is starting 7th grade tomorrow at her regular school, but i dont want her to go there anymore. Is there spring semester enrollment into magnet?

    • Sadly no. You can see if there are any openings at schools near you (, but the others have long waiting lists and they’ll be calling those wait lists for another month.

      Also you can see about open enrollment or other school options, but again, popular options all have wait lists they will exhaust for the next month.

  14. I’m so confused about magnet vs. charter in terms of how many choices we can apply to. Can we only apply to 1 magnet or charter, or 1 of each? And how do we find out about unaffiliated charters, since they aren’t bound to the apply to only 1 rule? Thanks!

    • Hi apixeldiva,

      The only limitation is magnet. You can apply to as many charters as you want. Unaffililated charters have lotteries but each is independent. Affiliated charters would have either SAS programs or open seats which they determine how to award (lottery, more than likely). And remember affiliated charters aren’t really charters in that sense–they’re LAUSD schools that get their funding more directly. I call it charter light.

      At this point you’ll be starting to tour for magnet, but schools with SAS or other programs often glob the tours together.

      There are lists of every charter in the county here:

      If you post your general area, I can at least offer a few options.

      • Thanks! Any list of magnets that’s not the LAUDS echoices site. That site being down is making me crazy! I’ve been looking at it for the last year and a half, but the year that my kid’s almost ready for kindergarten, I go to it and it’s down!

        • It will be up by October 1. Tours are already starting. For kinder there are VERY few choices, so you’ll want to be looking at other options as well.

  15. Thanks so much for this site! I am so concerned and so confused with the Magnet/GATE system. My son has attended a local magnet elementary school since 1st grade. We did not have to fill out the Choices application when he entered (At that time the first grade was open enrollment). The school insists all students are magnet status once continuing to the subsequent grades. My son is now in 5th grade and we want to move him to a different (Non-magnet) school to finish the school year (We’re very unsatisfied with the 5th grade teachers). We are interested in applying to John Burroughs Middle School once the eChoices application opens. My concern is, will moving him to this new, non-magnet, school cause us to lose all the magnet points we have “earned” over the last few years? Will this put our chances of getting into a magnet middle school in jeopardy?

    • Hi Capitola Parker.

      Magnet and GATE aren’t always the same. But if you are in the Magnet at the school (although I’m not aware of schools that assign students in this fashion), and you leave for a non-magnet school, you will lose your points that you’d receive by graduating 5th grade (technically he hasn’t earned any points, but he will earn matriculation points upon graduating 5th). That’s a whopping 12 points, and something you’ll want to seriously consider before moving. Call Burroughs and ask how many points got in this year (from the wait list) and that will determin whether you will have a chance.

      If he’s GATE, your other option is SAS, so not all hope is lost, but proceed with care as your options will be much limited.

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