2013-14 Open Enrollment Season Now Open

LAUSD has opened its Open Enrollment season with applications due by May 24th.  Parents can obtain a list of schools by Educational Service Center (formerly local districts) by visiting here.  

Feel free to ask questions in the comments section, but keep in mind the following:

  • Parents can apply to as many schools as they wish.
  • Transportation is not provided.
  • Lotteries will be held 5/28 through 5/31


15 thoughts on “2013-14 Open Enrollment Season Now Open

    • First, find out *where* you are on the waitlist. It makes a big difference if you are 3rd and they are admitting 100 6th graders or if you are 400th and they have two openings for 8th grade.

      Second, if your child is gifted, hopefully you applied for some SAS programs. You should hear from those soon.

      If you haven’t heard from the SAS, or the child has not been identified as gifted, you will have one more week to apply for Open enrollment.

      Don’t be afraid to call back in August if you’re on the ‘cusp’ (like one or two spots down) and remind them that you are very eager to get in.

      Also check some of the ‘new’ magnets that did not fill. You might be able to get entrance to those, but once you accept that, you will come off the wait list for the previous school.

      Good luck.

  1. My daughter was placed on the wait list for Nobel she is number 29. A high number. I applied for the SAS and no luck either. She was accepted to Porter and Frost SAS program. I am having a diffictult time to choose one and I need to decide by the May 24. Please any advice!!

  2. Hi – I have a question about the 2013-14 LAUSD calendar posted online:

    Click to access Single%20Track%202013-2014%20Bd%20Approved%20–%202-12-2013.pdf

    The timeline shows Nov 25, 26, 27 as UA (unassigned) days but the list of important days only shows Nov 28 and 29 as holidays (Thanksgiving and the day after). I just got my kid’s magnet school calendar and it lists just the 2 day holiday. Does anyone know if the rest of that week is optional with the school? Are the other three days in fact UA? My other kid is also in an LAUSD school but they haven’t posted a calendar for November at all yet, so I’m trying prepare in case one has off but the other doesn’t. Thanks for any insightt!!

    • They’re not optional: district schools are all off. The distinction is that the teachers are not paid for UA, but holidays they are.

      I’d contact the magnet school and let them know they might want to fix their calendar. 🙂

  3. I believe UTLA negotiated the whole week off (for whatever reason) after the calendar was printed. Having these three days off would in turn extend the end of the school year by three days. So you may want to check on the actual last day of school.

  4. I live in the Northridge area my home school would be loren elementary. I work in Encino ca and have another child 18 months old in day care in Granada hills. Is it true that I can apply for schools in the area that I work which would be Encino? would this be only through open enrollment ? Would it be open to all schools in that city or with in a certain radius? Would this also apply to my childcare in Granada hills ? Could I apply to school in Granada hills as well?

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