Schools for Advanced Studies (SAS) Applications for 2016-17 Available

Thanks to the heads up from one of our yentas, here’s the link for the updated SAS application for 2016-17:

This does not include affiliated charters, which have their own timelines due to state rules, but with the magnet acceptances and wait lists going out, this is another opportunity to choose where your children can attend.


8 thoughts on “Schools for Advanced Studies (SAS) Applications for 2016-17 Available

  1. We were waitlisted for magnets so I’ve been looking into SAS for K (our home school is Columbus Avenue and it’s not right for us). My daughter’s school is glad to vouch for her, but I haven’t found an elementary school yet that’s told me they will even consider an SAS application for K. I plan to check out Dearborn, but all the neighborhood charters I’ve been to between tarzana and valley village that have SAS say that the -only- way to get in to K is through the waitlist, which, they also tell me, historically never happens. Rio Vista said they are strictly a resident school. Any sage words on SAS for K?

    • Even gifted magnets don’t start until first grade, as they prefer a district teacher vouch for the kids. Even if Columbus might not be long term the best solution for you, it might be the place for kinder and then start the search in earnest.

      I realize SAS is a great program, as is magnet, but driving long distances just to get a kid into “any” SAS program is a bit crazy. In *any* kindergarten you’ll be surprised at the variety. Kids who have been in academic programs since 2, kids who have never been in an organized program, kids who can sit, kids who can’t, kids walking in reading and kids who don’t know their letters and numbers. That even includes SAS and other programs.

      You definitely need a backup plan if you’ve been waitlisted for your magnet choice. You’ll know in early April by calling how far you are down on the list and you can start looking for other programs. Open enrollment is an option too.

      I’m not super familiar with the elementaries in that area, but my daughter’s orchestra toured Columbus. The kids were well behaved and the teachers had the kids engaged. I’m not saying that IS the best choice, but don’t rule that or any other school out, especially for kinder.

  2. For those of us still sorting through everything, can you explain how SAS is different than the normal magnet application? We were wait-listed for K at a Magnet too and I am trying to figure out other options.

    Also, do you know if we get into a charter, will we lose our wait list magnet points or be taken off of the magnet wait list?

    • SAS is a school within a school. A gifted magnet, without the bus, if you will. If the school is your home school you are automatically admitted if your child is identified as gifted. If you are looking at other schools there is a separate application process.

      The only thing magnet points count for or can be won or lost for are other magnets. Charters, open enrollment, SAS and private school applications do NOT affect magnet points. Only turning down a magnet acceptance will lose points.

      • That is very helpful information. So far we are batting 1000 and only getting wait listed for magnet/charter schools, but if we get into a charter or SAS school, I still want to be able to be on the wait list for the magnet as it is our number 1 school (Melrose Elem.) since it is close and a good school.

        Since our home school is not an SAS school, can we apply to the closest SAS schools? Again this is for K so I know that there may be issues with getting a gifted designation for that age since our kid was not previously in the LAUSD system. However, our current preschool is willing to write a letter of recommendation and I have several samples of work that could help establish her abilities. Any advice you have about this?

  3. I just got a letter from my daughter’s school that she is being recommended for an intellectual ability gifted testing. She is in the 4th grade. I heard that the wait list for having that test is ridiculously long and a friend of mine is now waiting for almost 2 years for the assessment. Is that still the case? I would love for her to get tested to open up more options for middle school for us come magnet application time in October but I have to be realistic. Does anyone have any ideas of timeframes for these tests? Is it true that she might not even get the test administered until 2-3 years from now?

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