Space Available List for 2015-16

So you missed the deadline back in November. Or you realize now you want some other options. Here’s the LAUSD list of space available magnets. While it’s not likely folks will want to transfer mid-year, it’s worth contacting them. Or look at this list for future low applicant pool schools.

Look at the list here. ***Correction: this is the list for 2015-16. The 2016-17 list is not on the website yet, but I suspect going into the application will garner the list.

There are some really GREAT schools on this list, either newer magnets or magnets competing with nearby schools for students, or even schools people dismiss for all kinds of reasons.

Apply to these and you’re essentially guaranteed to get in. They have fewer applications than openings, so even if somehow you get waitlisted on this group, some of the original applicants will turn down and your student will get in.

This list will also be SUPER helpful for folks next year to predict which years they might get a surprise acceptance. 🙂

8 thoughts on “Space Available List for 2015-16

  1. Hi, I really need some guidance. My daughter will be 5 in April. This is the first time I’ve gone through this process as she’s my oldest. I am not comfortable sending her to the school we are zoned for and wish to enroll her via an intra district transfer to an elementary school that is just as close but has a magnet program. Am I able to use the magnet program as a “specialized program” for kindergarten enrollment?

    • LAUSD magnets are an application unto themselves. It is both the application to the magnet and the permit to transfer from your zoned school to the school where you apply and are conceivably accepted. The magnet season for 2016-17 ended back in November. Coming up, will be the SAS and open enrollment periods sometime in April. Those permits will also allow your child to attend a different school in the district.

      “Specialized programs” usually refer to people looking to apply to different districts, not applying within LAUSD. If you want more information on Inter-district programs, please visit the following Facebook group:

  2. Does anyone know where I can find the 2016-2017 space available list? I’ve gone into the application to look for it but don’t see a link anywhere, nor can I find it anywhere else.

    • You might want to contact the magnet office downtown or ping their Facebook and see what they say. They might be waiting for the schools to go through their wait lists.

        • I’ve tried that, but the link just goes to the application page on which there’s a drop-down menu of what appears to be ALL the magnet schools. Is there another button or link that I’m missing?

          • Nope, they’re different. Space available magnets are magnets that don’t fill up all their spaces (they generally go through their entire wait list quickly) and have openings which allow the schools to take students in rather than languishing on another wait list. These are often new programs or programs that aren’t as popular as some magnets, but they can have phenomenal programs.

            Open enrollment is a program that does not include busses or require racial balance or points.

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