Open Enrollment 2014-15 Now Open

The final school choice program for the 2014-15 school year is now open. Find schools in your area here. Applications are available from May 5 to May 23. If you have any questions, ask away in the comments. Press release is here.

Districtwide, 7500 spots are available at 270 schools in every local district.

SAS Application Window Open for 2014-15

While some of us are celebrating or need a little consoling, the other important window of LAUSD choice is now open.

Last year’s app is still up, but nothing is likely to change.  Start gathering the info on this, and I will repost the 2014-15 application as soon as it appears:

To locate schools in your area with Schools for Advanced Studies, scroll down from that link as well.

Families can apply to more than one SAS program.

Questions?  Fire away in the comments section below.

Update: the new SAS application is available HERE = and the newly redesigned LAUSD Gifted and Talented website can ba accessed here.

2013-14 Open Enrollment Season Now Open

LAUSD has opened its Open Enrollment season with applications due by May 24th.  Parents can obtain a list of schools by Educational Service Center (formerly local districts) by visiting here.  

Feel free to ask questions in the comments section, but keep in mind the following:

  • Parents can apply to as many schools as they wish.
  • Transportation is not provided.
  • Lotteries will be held 5/28 through 5/31


SAS Applications for LAUSD now available online

Families seeking SAS permits to attend schools in LAUSD should head over to the Schools for Advanced Studies website and print out an application now.  Applications can be turned in on April 2nd, but it will give families enough time to gather the necessary paperwork and do research on the SAS programs they wish to apply.

Good luck!

2012 API Scores Released

Schools will be doing a bit of bragging or head scratching as the state has released the API scores for 2012.  You might have to be a bit creative to find some of the smaller academies.  Magnets are not broken out.  But before you head out to tour prospective magnets, look at the schools’ overall API, and ask the magnet coordinators for the magnet’s specific API scores.  Scores aren’t everything, but it’s good to know if they’re making their targets and whether they are going up…or down.  Nobel Middle School very well might be the first middle school with a 900+ API at 902.

LAUSD Open Enrollment Starts Monday

LAUSD’s open enrollment period starts Monday, May 7th and ends May 25th.  Schools with available seats will have applications available in the office, and families can apply to more than one school.  Schools with more applications than openings will have a lottery the week of May 29th.  Schools that have openings beyond May 25 can continue to accept applications until August 31.  Open enrollment permits continue through matriculation and do not need to be renewed.  Unlike child care permits, there are no requirements.  However transportation is not provided.  For a list of schools visit   And (drumroll please) for questions, ask away in the comments!