SAS Application Window Open for 2014-15

While some of us are celebrating or need a little consoling, the other important window of LAUSD choice is now open.

Last year’s app is still up, but nothing is likely to change.  Start gathering the info on this, and I will repost the 2014-15 application as soon as it appears:

To locate schools in your area with Schools for Advanced Studies, scroll down from that link as well.

Families can apply to more than one SAS program.

Questions?  Fire away in the comments section below.

Update: the new SAS application is available HERE = and the newly redesigned LAUSD Gifted and Talented website can ba accessed here.

Just a Few Friendly Reminders

Ask a Magnet Yenta is an all-volunteer resource for parents learning the magnet system.  Before you post, PLEASE spend time on the E-choices website: .  The site lists every magnet available, deadline dates, bus schedules, maps.

Magnets never require grades.  Only gifted and highly gifted magnets require proof of ability which may be test scores or other identification.  Magnet applications are due between October to November 15.   

Other programs differ with their requirements (SAS is an application and does require tests and grades. Open enrollment requires an application), but please do some research before you post.  We want to help, but we need to be respectful of our volunteers’ time.


Parents, post your public school question as a COMMENT below. We’ll post an answer in 24 hours. It helps if you include:

1) First name and birthdate of your child
2) What grade of school you’re seeking
3) What part of Los Angeles you’re in
4) What your local public school is
5) Extenuating circumstances that may apply?