2019-2020 Magnet Season Opens October 1

Per the echoices website, “The on-time application window for the 2019-2020 academic year is October 1 – November 9, 2018. During this time period you can submit an application for the following programs: Magnet, Permits With Transportation, Dual Language Education, Admission Criteria Schools and Schools for Advanced Studies.”

Ask a Magnet Yenta attempts to offer advice (and emotional support) for the LAUSD magnet program and the SAS program. Where we can, we will offer help on other programs. Please remember this is an entirely volunteer force, and we are paying it forward.

To help our yentas with your questions, be as specific as you can. Post your questions in the comments below.

As an aside, 2019-2020 will be the first year that Magnet Angel no longer has a child in LAUSD after 24 years. Good luck to all applicants!

Some cool additions: L.A. Unified, in cooperation with the Compton Unified School District (CUSD), offers a limited number of 9th grade openings at the King- Drew Magnet High School of Medicine and Science. These openings are ONLY available to residents of CUSD.

They clearly list the kindergarten magnets giving more options for more families.

Good luck!




31 thoughts on “2019-2020 Magnet Season Opens October 1

  1. I’ve wondered for awhile. In your opinion, is it easier to for a child to be admitted to Alfred Nobel Middle School vía magnet matriculation points or by living in that school zone? Is there a priority?

    • Magnet consideration is not given any higher priority for living within the school boundaries for any given school. If you live in Nobel’s boundaries your child would have better access for the SAS if that’s applicable (SAS is the gifted program for neighorhood students with additional spots going by lottery to those outside the boundary after all neighborhood kids are considered), but magnet has NO bearing on whether you live across the street versus 90 minutes away.

  2. Very new to magnet applications. I am in LAUSD and have choices I would like to apply to there, but I also like the French program at Altadena El (Pasadena) and Franklin’s French Immersion program in Glendale. How does the intra-district permit work? Do I apply for 1 permit for Pasadena, and 1 for Glendale? Before or after I get accepted? And does that mess up my LAUSD applications?

  3. Hello!

    Daughter is entering K in the fall. Brother is in 3rd at Welby Magnet.

    Just want to try and get her rejection points so we’re in a better spot for 1st.

    Which school is the most difficult to get into K for next year?

    • Definitely check the echoices site and look for the highest application to acceptance ratio. With more and more kindergarten magnets coming on line, it’s always a risk that your daughter will get in where you apply, but you’re back at exactly the same place with zero points if that happens. Good luck!

    • From my experience, I would say the school is the most difficult to get into K without points – Cummunity Magnet in Bel Air.

      • I applied to Community twice, once for each of my kids, only to get points. Both times, the kids got in off the wait list. I suspect everyone applies there for the points so they blow through the wait list very quickly. YMMV.

  4. Any suggestions on waiting list point strategy during middle school with an eye toward high school applications? My 5th grader presently holds 12 waitlist points (thanks to Community in Bel Air) but is inclined toward home school Portola where she’d default into Honors due to Gifted identification. Thanks in advance for any suggestions on how we might handle this year’s eChoices decision.

    • Not sure there’s much to strategize. Wait list points expire at 3 years, so if you don’t apply for 6th, that might be an option. No matter where you apply for middle school for 6th grade, it’s likely she’ll get in. You need to wait at least a year before you start applying again.

      • Thank you for responding quickly. In follow up, regarding applying this year, you believe she’d likely get in to a program such as Valley Alternative (2019-2020 Openings: 54 2018-2019 Applications: 1,453)? Overall that’s a low admit percentage, but I imagine there are fewer applicants for the 6th grade openings and thus those odds are higher?

        My present understanding is that if we don’t apply anywhere this year, the max. points she could have for HS application would be 8 pts – 4 for applying for 7th, 4 for 8th – assuming of course she is waitlisted both years. The only way for her to have 12 points for a HS application would be to also apply for 6th and be waitlisted. Seems it’s worth trying – if she’s admitted and we reject, we lose all 12 existing points, but that puts us in no worse shape than not applying and aiming for those 8 pts in 7th and 8th. Is that correct or am I missing something?

        Of course, this is all about the Portola scenario. Were she to aim for a magnet now (e.g., Lawrence, Porter, Hale…) I understand she’d then be armed with 12 points for HS automatically.

        Thank you again.

        • The vast majority of people applying to Valley Alternative beyond kinder are looking for points. You might not get in immediately, but when those families get over the shock that they did get in and decline, they will go through the wait list very quickly. When they get to your child, you will have to turn it down and then she will lose her points.

          If she were to choose Portola, you might want to look for SAS for high school. But points seem to drop each year. Also without knowing your home high school, you may still end up with 4 PHBAO points.

  5. My daughter is in 5th grade and we are going to apply to LACES and I was not sure if we should apply as minority or caucasian, as she is of mixed race. Does it really matter?

  6. Can someone clarify the SAS application this year please? It’s done online now and it lists first, second, and third choice. Is this now similar to magnet app (without the points) where if first place option is selected you aren’t selected for others? I thought in past years you could potentially get notified of being selected from more than one, leaving you with the ability to choose which school you preferred. Is that still the case? TIA!

    • Students may apply for up to 3 SAS sites. If the applicant is selected to their 1st choice,
      choice two and three are not considered. If the applicant is selected into any program of their
      choice, the student will not be placed on any waiting list. If there is no space available in any of
      their choices, the student will be placed on the waiting list for their first choice only.

      There is no priority point accrual process for Schools for Advanced Studies.

  7. I was just asking for a friend who is in Glendale whether they can apply for an LAUSD Magnet on Echoices? She is saying she cannot see “Magnet” as a choice on the Echoices application page. Only these choices appear:

    You may choose multiple programs. Please select the program(s) you want to apply to for :

    Dual Language Education Programs
    program icon
    Application Period
    Oct 1 – Nov 9

    Admission Criteria Schools (ACS)
    program icon
    Application Period
    Oct 1 – Nov 9

    Inter-District Permits
    program icon
    Application Period
    Feb 1 – Jan 31

    Thank you!

    • LAUSD magnets are for LAUSD students only with the exception, of some spaces reserved for Compton Unified kids are allowed to apply for King-Drew.

        • Understand that magnets are desegregation programs under court decree for LAUSD. It doesn’t help LAUSD to bring other students in when the issue is with the district itself. Think of it as the perk for living in LAUSD’s boundaries. It’s a bummer for people who move in from other states and it’s a bummer for folks who live nearby, but the programs are for students of LAUSD.

          • So my friend brought up a good point today. Her son has been going to this regular LAUSD school (Elysian Heights Elementary) that is becoming a magnet next year (2019-2020). Her son is already enrolled and has been attending for two years. Also, the principal said all the current students will be guaranteed spots in the magnet for next year. Do you know if this could possibly be an exception to the rule?

            Thank you!


          • Have her contact the school directly. These are neighborhood schools that are being rebranded to ‘attract’ students and reduce attrition to avoid colocation. They don’t have buses in many cases, and are magnets in name only (if they guarantee admission to neighborhood students, it’s not a magnet per the decree). Her school would be the best place to get the information. Have a great weekend.

  8. Ok, yes we were told the school would guarantee admission to local students. I will have her contact the school!

    Thank you again!


      • Sorry, I meant to say it seems like your description of what kind of magnet it is is right because they are letting neighborhood students in. I didn’t mean to say a student on permit is a neighborhood student 🙂


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