Post Your LAUSD 2018-19 Magnet Questions Here

Perplexed by the magnet system? Confused by the points? Want to hear from folks who’ve been there before you? Spend a few minutes by reading our FAQs and poke around the site a bit.

Post your LAUSD magnet questions in the comments below.

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14 thoughts on “Post Your LAUSD 2018-19 Magnet Questions Here

  1. I have a 6th grader in LACES (yay!) and two other kids (2nd and 3rd grades) at Mt. Washington elementary. They’re really happy there and I’m hoping to keep them there until they can go to LACES for 6th. I’m already feeling anxious about filling out their magnet applications in hopes of getting rejection points. Is it too early to tell which schools for 2018/19 will be the least likely to enroll a caucasian 3rd and 4th grader? Valley Alternative has been our standby but it goes to 12th so if, worst case scenario, they got in, (or absolute worst case scenario, one of them got in) we wouldn’t be eligible for matriculation points when we apply for 6th grade at LACES. I know it’s all a gamble but I’m hoping that there’s one school that is the most reliable for getting those rejection points.

    • The bottom line is there is no ‘safe’ school to apply and not get in with 100% certainty. After all, the whole point of the program is to enroll students–not generate wait list points.

      If your students are already in 2nd and 3rd, you could start applying because as incoming 3rd and 4th graders, a school such as Valley alternative will have most spots in Kinder. That said, so many people *do* apply for those upper grades and are shocked when they get in that they can go through many, many pages of wait list–especially as the school year approaches.

      Since you have strong preference for a 6th grade campus, I’d suggest applying to a K-5 elementary with a K or 1 first year of the magnet in your area. that way if one got in and the other didn’t you won’t be schlepping too far (thre are indeed people driving 3 kids to 3 schools). Spend some time on the e-choices site, and assume you won’t get in, but make it a palatable choice if you do. Since you’re in at Mt. Washington that might be a tall order. Look for a magnet where the enrollment number is many times lower than the application number, and a high performing school as well. They’re more likely to have 3rd or 4th graders accepting (something *like* Balboa comes to mind, but that is a gifted magnet, and has a very specific requirement set).

      Good luck.

  2. Thanks for your response! My 3rd grader tested gifted so that’s an extra option for her. For my 2nd grader, I’m wondering, how does one apply to a gifted magnet for 3rd grade when the OLSAT results don’t come out before magnet applications are due? I WISH Eagle Rock Elementary ended in 5th grade. I’ve scoured e-choices and there just aren’t any k-5 magnets near us that we’d be okay with transferring them to. Are you suggesting Balboa would be harder to get into than say Community or Open Charter?

    • You could apply for the 3rd grader, but they DO add a third grade class at Balboa so the odds are possible your 2nd grader could STILL get in if she were identified. You could ask the teacher if they would sign that your child shows the signs of being gifted and that would probably suffice as well. Again, it would be a LONG shot, but possible.

      I’m not in a position to prognosticate on point totals and especially on schools I’m not familiar with. Point totals are going down as more and more options are available AND the district as a whole shrinks. But if Community or OC do not have additional classes beyond kinder or first grade, those would be schools consider by looking at the e-choices site and possibly asking on tour how many 3rd or 4th graders get in. In a recent year, I know Millikan told tour parents there would be NO 8th grade spots for the next year.

      • Thank you for reminding me of the possibility that a school would add classes in some years. I’ll be sure to ask about that before applying anywhere. Now it’s time to take some deep breaths and stop worrying until I have to. 🙂

        • You’re welcome.

          Last I heard Balboa had like 3 classes in first grade, added 3 in second and added one more in third. May have changed. They are in the minority here. SOCES does it at 6th and you’d know better than I would if LACES added one in 9th as well.

  3. I just started to read about the points system. I feel so lost and confused. My son is in a private school this year. He will be turning 5 on September 13. I want to get him in a Magnet school for Kindergarten next year (2018-2019), what steps should I be taking from now? Is there any guarantee that he would get in?

    • There are only a few kindergarten magnets. That’s the downside. The upside is that there are very few ways for kindergarteners to get points, so there’s a better chance of getting in.

      Please spend time on the site to be aware of the schools in your area. Busses are provided for commutes over 2 miles as the crow flies.

      The application period is mid-October through mid-November 9th, so you’ll have time to read up. Then you can look for tours and visit the schools. You might end up looking at SAS and other options as well, since there aren’t many kindergarten magnets.

      • Thank you. I did sign up on echoices already and waiting for the application period to open up. I have a school in mind that I am interested in but it’s not in our neighborhood, would that be more difficult to get into?

        • There’s no consideration for your neighborhood except that you can’t be more than 90 min by bus from the school. I’d highly discourage anyone from doing that to an elementary school child anyway.

          Because you will only have 4 or 0 points, you’ll want to make sure you have some options for other programs as well. Unless you like your private school and are willing to stick it out there.

  4. Hello! I’m hoping to get my son into Melrose Magnet but I read in the last post that they only had 60 spots that most likely went to kids with 7 points. Looks like my son will only have 4 points (PHBAO) and that’s making me really nervous. My second and third choices would be Open School and Community. I attended Open School and LOVED my experience there but we live in Silver Lake now and that commute would be really long for him. I also attended LACES during the time they shared a yard with Community so I know that’s another great school (AND hard to get into). Melrose would be the ideal commute but it sounds like my chances are low and I’d be happy with Open School or Community. Should I still add Melrose as my first choice? or should I add the school he probably has the highest chance of getting into (if there is one)? I’m worried if the chances of him getting into Melrose are low, then I’m risking my chances at another school by not adding them first…or does if it even matter the order I put them in?. Thanks in advance!

  5. Hello parents
    My daughter is dec end born and will turn 5 in December. She is currently going to kindergarten in a private school though she is not age appropriate per LAUSD standards. I strongly believe she will be ready for first grade next year socially, emotionally and academically as she has always been a very mature child. I do not want her to repeat kindergarten with LAUSD. What are my options?
    Also if I apply for first grade this year for her for balboa magnet , will her application be rejected because of age issues?

    • The state of California has laws specifically aimed at making sure children are age appropriate for each grade. So the two points at which they verify ages is for kindergarten and for first gradfe.

      If you apply for Balboa and your child is not 6 by September 1st of next year, your application will be rejected.

      For more information,

      Your option would be to go to private school for first grade and start applying for second grade.

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