2018-19 Magnet Season Tours and Magnet Nights

Yep, it’s nearly that time. Let’s wax nostalgic as when we hit 2019, my youngest graduates high school. But fear not we’re happy to post magnet tours in *THIS* post (simply post your magnet tours & magnet nights in the comments and we’ll get them into the main post).

NorthEast, NorthWest, South, East and West, Magnet Nights are an easy way to visit multiple magnets in one location in one night. The link to that list is here.

And if you’d like to see the new magnet programs opening up in 2018-19, visit here.

Magnet season officially runs from Monday, October 2nd through Thursday, November 9th. But tours have started already, as have some school magnet nights. Also look to see about Magnet Open Houses, as some schools have started having weekend or evening open houses to get an even better idea of the school climate.

Please make sure any magnet you choose has transportation if that is important to you!

11 thoughts on “2018-19 Magnet Season Tours and Magnet Nights

  1. Do the magnet fairs have only schools from that region, or does it have magnet schools from other regions (i.e. does magnet west have magnet NE or NW schools), and are most of the magnet schools represented at the fairs? how helpful is it to attend a magnet fair?

    • Generally, YES. Sometimes a nearby magnet may hit both their LD and a nearby one (Given that NorthEast and NorthWest were one, the 405 is somewhat of an artificial deadline to many parents).

      In terms of helpfulness? I highly recommend 4th grade and 7th grade parents attend. You’ll get to visit 3-4 magnets–pick one or two you think you’re interested in and then pick 1-2 that are ones you’d never thought to consider. This will make 5th and 8th grade years MUCH easier and narrow down what you might need to tour.

    • You’re welcome. Some schools recruit kids better than others. And some schools encourage their kids to look more than others. But it is important for everyone to know about them and share them with their 4th/5th grade friends AND their 7th/8th grade friends.

  2. Is it a good idea to bring my children with me to the fair? Or is it more productive, for the parent, without? Have twins in 4th grade now, and trying to become familiar with the different schools available. TIA

    • Next year, I’d definitely recommend when you narrow it down to the final two schools, you have them tour and give their input.

      In terms of fourth grade, you might be better off going solo (or with a spouse/adult family member) to gather the intel this year and then you’ll know the ones you want to concentrate on next year.

      You have the added issue of deciding if they both must attend the same school or if they can attend different places if they rank schools differently. Given that, you might want them to attend the fairs as well.

  3. My kid was rejected at “Wonderland” for “Not being eligible” as gifted since it’s a gifted school. Does he still get his magnet points?

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