7 thoughts on “As We Head into Magnet Season

  1. For some reason when I tried entering Walter Reed Middle School into the search, no results came up. Isn’t that an LAUSD magnet?

  2. If my children got into a magnet school for 6th grade (middle school) do I need to apply for e-choices each year or do they automatically accumulate magnet points.

  3. Can anyone give me any insight to Kester vs. Balboa Gifted? We are really looking something heavy on the academics to keep her challenged.

  4. My daughter was accepted to a magnet that we wanted and it goes all the way to 12th grade. Therefore, we believe she’ll stay there until high school graduation. My son, who’s too young right now to get into her school, is accumulating points in the hopes of him going there, as well. My question is: do you see a need to keep accumulating points for my daughter every year even though she’s in the school of our desire?

    • You should absolutely NOT fill out an application. Once your child is in, you are done. If you were to apply to another magnet, and to get in, your child is IMMEDIATELY removed from her current magnet–no ifs, ands, or buts, and placed in the new magnet. There is no ‘acceptance period’ or rejecting the placement.

      If for some reason you chose not to attend the school through 12th grade, there are a few options but you can not accrue waiting points while in a magnet.

      Congrats on being done with one application! 🙂

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