Magnets With Openings 2015-16

While the SIS office (magnet office) might post these to the E-choices website later today, they just posted on FB the list of schools with potential magnet openings. If you are sitting on a wait list or you missed the deadline, go ahead and contact these schools directly to see if they might still have openings.

It also doesn’t hurt to contact a school and asked to be put on a wait list. There are many schools that do get through their entire list and have openings by August.

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Middle School

High School

9 thoughts on “Magnets With Openings 2015-16

  1. SAN JOSE HIGLY GIFTED MAGNET CENTER looking for students. Grade 2-5.

    Anyone know if parent will receive Smarter Balance test result?

    • I did see this mention this morning. I get the feeling this is a direct result of the OLSAT testing where every second grader is tested for giftedness. Since a second test is required for highly gifted, I wonder how many folks have not bothered or even knew another test was available.

      San Jose has regularly had a few openings in some grades, but never do I recall them having openings at ALL grade levels.

    • Parents are supposed to get results this month. The state will release results next month. They are going to be LOW. In some cases atrocious. While in previous years, I’ve let my kids open the mail and go over the results with them, I am not really all that interested in the results as I know what technical issues my daughter’s classes had. Thankfully she starts 9th grade, so we’re to a point where these results are meaningless anyway. And next year, we may just opt out.

      • Can elementary & middle school students opted out from state test? Is there any impact on report card if students opt out? Just curious.

        • Right now, they can opt out. It is a decision to be weighed carefully, as it does affect the school and can conceivably affect teachers, if districts continue to move in the direction of teacher evaluations. In addition, the argument that the tests are stressful alone is pretty weak since everything in life is stressful at one point or another.

          I’ve read some articles where states and federal sources are considering forcing the tests as part of public education as more and more opt out, and frankly I hope it doesn’t come to that.

          I’ve always considered my kids’ strong test taking scores as a form of payment for attending schools outside our boundaries. But tests the time out and the kids lost their essays, or lock kids out after a certain amount of days (some teachers were in essence punished for volunteering to test on shorter school days). Tests in CA locked kids out after 10 days of testing and I’m not sure how many schools fought to have the kids re-admitted to the testing sites.

          Since she won’t take tests again until 11th grade, I’ll listen and see how things go before I worry about opting out. But I would consider it an absolute last resort.

        • Charlize,

          The result to SBAC? The district is supposed to get them 9/9, and then they have a few weeks to get them to families.

  2. Heard from a mom this weekend that Daniel Pearl Magnet in Van Nuys/Lake Balboa may still have openings. So anyone with questions for this year, or next, go ahead and contact them directly

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