2015-16 SAS Dates

Thanks to reader Sandy7656, the GATE Office has published the 2015-16 SAS dates and the application is now available online.

2015-2016 SAS Application is now available. Application Period: April 7-April 30, 2015 Notification of Applicants: May 11, 2015 http://achieve.lausd.net/Page/2033

Please post all questions on SAS in the comments, with a friendly reminder we are an all volunteer staff, mostly Valley centered, and for official answers, please contact the school/district office. Thank you!

17 thoughts on “2015-16 SAS Dates

  1. A few FAQ:

    Can I apply to SAS even if we’ve gotten into a magnet? Simple answer, yes. Longer answer is you’ll have to give one up pretty quickly, but this is an option if you applied to a magnet (or two) and didn’t expect to be accepted.

    Can I apply to more than one SAS? Yes.

    When is the application period? When will they let us know?
    Application Period: April 7-April 30, 2015
    Notification of applicants: May 11, 2015

  2. I have a very basic question about SAS: can you/do you apply to SAS if it is your home school? For instance, if we are zoned for Mt Wash (an SAS school), do we apply to SAS to get gifted and talented services? Or is SAS only a way to transfer into a district that you aren’t already in the residency zone for?

    • If you are zoned for Mt. Wash, talk to Mt Wash about SAS. If your child is identified as gifted, you get first dibs on the spots for SAS at your home school. All the discussion you see here are for people trying to permit into schools NOT their own.

      It’s not necessarily automatic–you should be clear that’s what you’re seeking. At some schools it’s more automatic, but I have heard that families have to ask to be included–but if it’s your home school, your kids get spaces first.

  3. Applications have been available, and as a reminder, starting tomorrow you can start submitting them. 🙂

    • Interesting with the caveat that standing in line is unnecessary since schools are supposed to place spots in lottery.

      • The article said “Public schools like Mar Vista offer seats to gifted students outside the neighborhood on a first come, first served basis, Others ask parents to take their chances in a lottery.” Not all schools are lottery based, I guess.

    • Absolutely. If you’re motivated you can apply to every one in your area, so long as you’re willing to make the commute.

    • SAS–schools for advanced studies–are essentially the home gifted program at schools. They operate like a gifted magnets outside the magnet program. They do not offer bussing. And if your home school has an SAS program, and your child is identified gifted, your child automatically gets accepted. If you choose a school outside your zone for your child, you will apply. And some SAS don’t have openings because they are full from their homeschool. Others have many many more spots.

      The application periods are slightly different. Magnets are October-November, and SAS is in Spring. They are now both lotteries. SAS used to allow for some ‘choosing,’ but that’s no longer the case. I believe this year they will begin using the computer downtown and principals will have less leeway.

  4. Thank you. Any difference in quality of the programs? I was in a GATE program as a child in NY, just meant I had an extra hour or so each week of gifted material with a small group of other kids.

    • Many schools have both SAS and magnet. Remember, magnets are desegregation programs–first and foremost. They are part of a federal decree to desegregate neighborhood schools.

      At some schools, the gifted magnet seems better, at others the SAS is better. Because of the decree, magnet classes tend to be set a little smaller (say 36 or 37 at middle school instead of 40). It typically depends on the teachers. You’ll want to tour both.

      LAUSD currently uses differentiation and clustering to teach gifted students in regular classrooms. You can ask more about that when you tour for your son’s kindergarten options.

      If you’re in the West Valley, there are tons of options for you. Decide which you’re interested in touring and then narrow it down from there. Balboa has a very high application rate, and clearly not everyone gets in. Others will opt for schools that are more inclusive or offer music or other programs.

  5. Hi – thanks for all the great info! Does anyone know how competitive it is to get into SAS programs for middle school? I’m currently looking at Walter Reed. It will be a factor in determining what other schools we apply to. TIA

    • You’ll want to talk to Walter Reed directly. SAS spaces are based on availability–AFTER the local kids get accepted. Some schools have space. Some years are different than others. And some programs have more space. All those will add up to the ‘competitive’ part of your question. If it’s your home school, and you pick an easier academy to get into than others, you will have no problem. Conversely, pick the most popular one and be out of district, and you’ll feel it’s very competitive.

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