And Magnet Application Season is Officially Over

Thanks to all the volunteers who shared their information this year. When we start hearing back in March/April, we’ll start the points thread. Until then, enjoy the holiday season.

6 thoughts on “And Magnet Application Season is Officially Over

  1. Thank you for this extremely helpful website! I’m hoping you might be able to shed some light on something I’ve been scratching my head about.

    I unfortunately missed the magnet deadline and applied to Community Magnet Charter for my soon-to-be kindergartener using the “Space Available” option. I noticed only a few select school offered this option. How are schools listed as Space Available when they haven’t yet received their school’s active and wait list rosters?

    On a more general note, I know LAUSD shows the number of open spaces versus number of applicants, but is there data available on:
    # applicants vs offered active
    # offered active vs accepted
    # offered waitlist vs accepted
    # offered from space available
    It would be so helpful if LAUSD compiled reports and shared publicly.

    On your sister site you state “So if you got the wonderful acceptance letter, feel free to mosey on over and post your stats. And if you didn’t get in, posting those stats too will help parents determine their chances for this and future years.” and I’ve clicked around and can’t seem to find those stats.

    Thanks so much!

    • I’m not sure why LAUSD doesn’t offer more info, except for the fact they don’t compile it. Just like they don’t separate magnet test scores from the home school.

      Can you explain what you mean by ‘active’?

      I think some schools are notorious for going through their waitlists, and others aren’t. While some schools people apply for kinder, and have no intention of going (Valley Alternative), fewer reject schools like Nobel or Balboa.

      With so many options, including SAS, the point totals over recent years have gone down–so that point totals have been going down.

      As the district increases magnet options, that’s going to cause numbers to go down as well. We’ve seen that in the last handful of years, and it’s a trend we think will continue.

      • Oh, by active I simply mean applicants who are offered a space at a school. I think I may have seen it referred to as that on an LAUSD FAQs section, but I may be mistaken.

        Mostly I just wondered how a school magnet school that has so many applicants and only a limited number of spaces available could so early on provide the option of spaces available. From your answer above I assume that means that the school typically offers spaces to people who decline acceptance. Or perhaps schools that offer the space available option know that their typical applicant profile doesn’t quite meet their ethnic quota, hence the need for additional space available applicants.

        Gosh, you would think compiling this information would prove to be valuable data not just for inquiring parents, but for the district itself.



        • Certainly many people apply who won’t attend. Many magnets will tell prospective parents how far they get down on the wait list…in a typical year. Very few will say out loud “oh we always get to x.” I’m sure enough disappointed parents have gotten a little nuts to prevent them from wanting to give too much information where parents would come back and say “But you SAID!” So schools will tell prospective parents “in a typical year…it’s not uncommon…” as well as other qualifiers. In addition, there can be a wide difference between the white and the minority number based on how a school attracts students.

          As for the space available, that is really a new development, and I’m not sure how they compile it. Having a space available list, I was under the impression meant a school did not receive enough applicants.

          What schools absolutely do not want is any openings by norm day. And the sad part is most parents would not agree to move between the first day of school and norm day 5 weeks in. Open spots can lead to split classrooms (1st-2nd, 4th-5th), teacher layoffs, and a lot of upset parents. So schools want to be full before the school year is over, because it is really hard to reach parents over the summer, especially those who want points and do not want to get in (in recent years they’ve put in an automatic decline for anyone who does not respond).

          I welcome anyone with further interest to contact the magnet offices. Now is a great time, because once the acceptance letters go out, they will be stupid busy again.

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