LAUSD GATE Website Enters the 21st Century

The previous website had the info, albeit in a 1999 type format. After hanging around on it for awhile, parents could find stuff, and given the budget cuts, complaining about fancy websites isn’t my deal. But now it’s borderline fancy! Check it out here:

Here’s the new 2014-15 SAS link:

2 thoughts on “LAUSD GATE Website Enters the 21st Century

  1. Can someone explain to me the different SAS and Magnet ? (Sorry for my English ) I want to understand SAS and Magnet!
    If I take my daughter out from Magnet and have her in SAS program instead, what going happens for her going to high school ? She is in six grad going to seven grad,

    • Magnet–desegregation program. Admission based on points. MOST magnets do not have admissions requirements–although gifted & highly gifted magnets do have requirements. Apply to 1-2-3 schools, but most people are advised to apply to a single school. Schools are based on a theme. At the middle and HS level, there are both honors AND regular tracks. Students going from school level to school level (elem to middle, middle to high school) are given more points toward the next level. Leaving before the end of a program would mean that it might be best to focus on SAS for HS as well. But point levels have been going down for years.

      SAS–gifted program. No busses. Apply to as many as you wish. Assumed to be honors level for all students. No preference from level to level, but many, many options.

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