Magnet Letters Go Out April 1 (no joke!) for 2014-15

Feel free to post your acceptances and rejections in the comments to help others.

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106 thoughts on “Magnet Letters Go Out April 1 (no joke!) for 2014-15

    • Thanks for sharing, Heather! I checked at 7 am and they weren’t up yet. Let the cheers and tears begin.

  1. waitlisted, LACES, Grade 6, 16 points, white/male (boo)
    waitlisted, Community, Grade 4, 4 points, white/female (yay)

  2. A white 6th grade boy with 12 points didn’t get into King’s Arts/Tech, but did get into 2nd choice, Film & Media.

  3. Waitlisted, Community Magnet, kindergarten, black/boy, 4 points. Pretty annoyed that from everything I read, minority is one big ol’ fat pool, no differentiation from Latino (minority, but not REALLY numerically minority), when in the valley, black kids usually make up 2-6% of the school population. We’re a minority of minorities, yet it’s just white and other. Sort of bizarre to me…

    • Forgot to add (yay!) Community Charter looks AWESOMELY diverse: 4 way equal racial split (freakin’ UN, love it) but I don’t mind the points for Balboa for 1st grade!

  4. accepted at community for K. white girl. its simply so far away – an hour on the bus each way I expect.

    any experience with folks leaving community due to the commute? will it put me in a good place to go to middle/high school at laces or miliken? thoughts.

    • H-where are to coming from? I can tell you how long of a bus ride. I have a daughter there. You do
      Not want to turn down your spot…school is amazing! The bus ride is seriously it’s own play date!!!

        • h-, can you share your child’s magnet points?

          Echo Park is far, but I still think you should not turn down the spot. try it for one year and see if you/your child can manage it. It is a great school.

          • H, We got accepted as a white girl in K with 4 points and we are in Silver Lake right on the Echo Park border. I have two friends who did the commute and had no problems. I am a little wary of the long ride as well though.


          • T – We’re doing it. Going to community from Echo Park. Sounds like you are right in our area – on our bus. Any way to contact each other off the blog? Might be nice to know someone.

        • Hello H, I couldn’t reply to your comment below. you can reach me at willowtreeleaf at hotmail dot com
          Would love to know someone else on the bus!

  5. h- that is pretty far. Waking up a 5 or 6 year old that early could be a lot!
    If you have another really good option, take it! As great as the school is, could make it really hard for you to get up to school for events or volunteer. We only have a 12-15 minute bus ride so makes it super easy. Most people have closer to a 20-30 minute ride, but you are right could be closer to an hour if there is traffic. It will also make it hard for get togethers if not a lot of K kids live out that way.
    Maybe call the magnet coordinator and ask if any other K kids got accepted that live out that way. My daughters K year there were 10 K kids on our bus and 6 of them were in her class…it really made for a fun year!

    • I agree. Check out your options closer to home. We love being involved in school activities, our kids do the afterschool program everyday after school with PE and enrichment classes and so on, and our kids have impromptu playdates with kids who live within a few blocks, it’s really nice. And you might get into Community later if that’s what you really want – this comment section has several people getting into community and then not taking the spot, us included.

      If you really want Community magnet, though, bus rides can be fun for many kids. I liked mine when I was in junior high and high school magnet schools.

  6. Accepted — Arroyo Seco, Kinder, White, male (cheers!!!)

    Waitlist — Arroyo Seco, Kinder, White, female (hoping to get called in, and have applied, and will probably be accepted to a very good charter – maybe cheers, maybe some small tears…)

    • Hang in there, Lori. Make sure you contact the school in a week or so, you let them know you have twins with one in and one out, and that you’d be VERY willing to wait patiently for that spot. You may not get the call until August, but it could still happen.

      • Thanks so much for the encouragement — I hope I didn’t jump the gun by already sending the magnet coordinator a (very polite) email regarding our daughter on the waitlist….she gave me her card with her email during the tour.

        Now I remember the saying from when they were babies….”twins: twice the love, half the sleep.” (Yah, all the sleep lost on worrying about getting into the same LAUSD school…)

        • Stay friendly, and only contact once after the deadline (is that the 25th?) to find out where she is on the waitlist, and just stress you do want them at the same school. I wouldn’t suggest anything crazy (or creepy), just stay in contact. If you fill out the paperwork for your son, return it in person, be visible, but don’t keep asking. As long as you know where she is, and the coordinator knows you want the spot, you’ll have to have a strong stomach.

          Get an excellent backup, but if one got in, you’re just waiting for one more spot.

          Good luck!

  7. Waitlisted – Balboa HG, 1st Grade, Asian/Female, 4 points 😦
    Waitlisted – Valley Alternative, Kindergarten, Asian/Male, 4 points 🙂

    • Oops, forgot points –

      Waitlisted – King Arts & Tech, 6th Grade, white-mixed, female, 4 points (#48 on waitlist as of 4/1)
      Accepted – Downtown Business Magnet HS, 9th Grade, white-mixed, 12 points (from King)

  8. We were wait-listed for LACES w/16 points. Now we are being asked by our 2nd choice-King Arts/Tech-to apply for their wait-list. Wouldn’t we automatically be placed on our 2nd choice list? The magnet coordinator says, “I don’t know. Parents keep asking me this….”

    • They go to your first choice, and if there’s no room, they go to your second (and third) choice. If there’s no room at 2 or 3, they place you back on the wait list at the number 1. You’re not on the list of 2 or 3. If you think you can get into #1, then I wouldn’t go on the wait list for #2. Call LACES and find out the likelihood.

      It means King wants to make sure they have more kids than spots when they open in August.

      • Do you know if you can be on the wait list for two schools? Would going on a walk-on wait list automatically remove a person from their first choice wait list?

      • King was pretty full this year as well (my oldest is in the GAT magnet in 6th there). it’s been the talk of the 4th grade at our elementary school about how many kids from the neighborhood schools were wait-listed with 8 and 12 points. We are at a traditional elementary that feeds into King. I will say, the programs are excellent, and there is talk of expanding the magnet offerings and enrollment next year, primarily as when king went all magnet, the idea was that those within King’s district would be first in line for film in media magnet if they didn’t get into one of the other magnets due to points, but that doesn’t seem to be happening.

  9. Valley Alternative
    gr 1*
    White male
    *this is a mistake. We applied for K but as an existing LAUSD T-K student. Somehow we got bumped to gr. 1. I’m going to follow up when things die down. Hopefully we don’t lose rejection points that we were hoping to accrue.

    • Follow up, Deb, when you do contact them. It’s not the first I’ve heard of mess ups down town, but it is the first with a T-K student.

      Thanks, and good luck!

  10. Does anyone know the bus commute time from the San Fernando Valley to Community Magnet? How many kids ride that bus? Thank you for your help!

  11. Leslie Johnson- my friend lives in valley village and it takes her 35-40 minutes in the am. She goes up through the canyons to mullholland and down roscomare. Says her daughter takes the bus at chandler elementary on occasion and she has to get her to bus stop by 6:50. Says it’s 20 minutes to get home if she picks up but usually takes the bus home. Plenty of kids from the valley. Good luck

  12. Community Magnet accepted – grade 4, Asian girl (wanted to be waitlisted for the points, now in a dilemma!)

    • forgot to add that we had 16 points (12 for waitlist + 4 PHBAO); learned the hard way that I maxed out too early. Not sure what to do. Do I pull her out of her current school, which we’re happy with plus her younger brother is in kinder there, or keep her there and lose all our points and have 2 kids at different elementary schools?? What is the typical number of points needed to get into LACES for middle school?

      • if it makes you feel any better, we made the exact same mistake. we too had 16 points (there was no reason to apply this year, but I didn’t know we had 16 points until I saw the confirmation letter in January) and now got into wonderland. we were saving those points for LACES too! We’re happy with our current school. Wonderland is too much of a hassle. I’m not into putting my child on a bus for over an hour each way.

        • so you decided to stay at your current school? we’re really happy with our current school too plus her younger brother is there. and the part that gets me is that he was accepted into community magnet for kinder this year but we declined because we wanted him to be with his sister at the same school! what is your back up plan since you’ll have to start from scratch with points? is there another middle school you’re eyeing?

          • We did stay. She finished 4 and 5 at her school (open enrollment), and was happy. Having the magnet door somewhat closed made us seek out other alternatives–but she got in to her first choice magnet with 8 points. We did not attend, but it was her second choice. She got into an SAS and Reed’s IHP, and we went with the SAS.

          • yes, I think likely staying at same school. we’ll be starting over, which positively stinks. Thinking about maybe palms middle school???

          • So tour this year and next. Keep an open mind. You’ll find something, and maybe even something better.

      • Point counts have been going down for several years. People have gotten with far less. My daughter got into Balboa in 4th grade and we were happy where we were at.

        Not sure what grade your son is in, but assuming with PHBAO you can get to 12 points before 5th grade, you’ll still want a back up for middle school. If you applied to a good magnet, and you’d like him there, you won’t be the only mom with two kids in two schools. On the other hand if he’s in 4th or 5th, is settled with all his friends, and the other school was just a random application to get points, then start coming up with plan B for middle school. When my daughter got into Balboa in 4th grade, we knew we’d be looking at SAS, and it opened other opportunities we might never have considered.

        Good luck.

      • I know some LACES mom, they said if you have 19 points, you will likely get in. Some 16 points will also get in.

        • If we accepted the community magnet spot and finished 4th and 5th grade there, we would have 16 points applying to LACES. But it sounds like there’s still no guarantee and I’m not sure I want to pull her out of her current school where we’re all happy for something that’s a maybe. But then again, it’s a maybe…

          • Even with 16, especially being non-white, LACES is a big longshot. That said, anything less than 16 points and it’s no shot.

          • Do most of the kids that get in have siblings in there already to get the 19 points? This is crazy.

    • Same thing happened to us last year – we were applying to Community magnet every year to get the points, in hopes they would help us get into LACES, and then got in when my daughter was going into 4th grade. We ended up staying at our local school, and are very happy with the decision. My wife wrote about it in her blog . The whole magnet points thing is crazy. I think with Midcity Magnet now having guaranteed access to LACES, it will be even harder for kids from other schools to get in.

      • You’re right…I didn’t think about Midcity feeding into LACES but I’m hoping that because Midcity has so few Asians, they’ll be pulling from the general pool of applicants to meet their quota. I read your wife’s blog and can totally relate. I know we’ll be happy if we just stayed put where we are but I too am having a hard time letting go of those points. My daughter is perfectly happy where she is and doing well (not to mention the convenience of having her younger brother there too). The looming deadline to decide is stressing me out even more.

        • Hi wLAmom,

          Just remember, that they don’t break down which minority when they rank apps. It’s simply white and minority.

          • I keep hearing conflicting information whether for the magnet purposes LAUSD subdivides minorities–Asian, Latino, African American. So for certain you are either put in one of two categories, white or non-white?

          • Unless you can direct me to the ‘proportions’ in writing somewhere and it’s changed in recent years, it’s been a desegregation program that simply means to prevent 70s era white flight. That said, I have never seen it in writing either, but I’ve never heard of ‘the next specific minority’ being admitted from a wait list either. If anyone can direct me to the directive, holler. I’d love to be corrected.

            Actually I’d like to get race completely out of the magnet program, but that will never happen.

        • wLAmom,
          If you really want LACES, the only school I’d consider pulling your kid out of your current school for is MidCity. In my opinion, LACES is too big a long shot to leave a school you love. My understanding is that the top third of LACES wait list is 300+, and these are all kids with 16 points. Good luck and try not to stress. Palms, Emerson, Paul Revere, New West, City Charter and more are all good Westside choices.

          • Thank you everyone for your comments! I think we’ll stay at our current school and look into applying to Midcity next year for 5th grade since we’ll be starting from scratch with our points anyways. If we get in, then we can think about whether we want to pull out for the last year but then know that we can feed into LACES. If we don’t get in, we’ll explore some of our westside options like Paul Revere and Palms. I finally admit it’s too big of a gamble to pull out now. So hard to let those points go….

  13. Question: I accepted at a magnet (community) for kindergarden. I am very excited excited about the svhool – but very worried because our bus ride will be very very long (1 hour each way). We were accepted at one charter school near our house (we are about number 500 at four others). The charter school is brand new – this will be its second year. But they do have a waitlist for K right now. The charter does not start until 3 weeks after the magnet.

    Is it possible to accept at both – and if after 3 weeks if the bus ride is terrible – go to the charter? I would have to submit an enrollment packet at the charter tomorrow to keep my spot. Does submitting another LAUSD charter enrollment packet take away my magnet spot? It does not seem right to me to hold 2 spots that others might want. However, there is lots about all this that seems wrong so im asking if anyone knows. thx

    • I don’t know that LAUSD schools share their info with charters. I was holding on to two middle school choices (IHP and an academy placement), waiting for an SAS for the academy school, when we were dumped by the IHP for those circumstances. I would have liked to hold on to it until I got the confirmation her SAS permit was ok, but it all worked out. In that case, as two LAUSD schools they were privvy to each others’ acceptance lists, and the IHP said they’d dump anyone who’d accepted elsewhere. We *hadn’t* accepted, but at that point, it was clear we weren’t gonna go to the IHP, so we weren’t going to argue. And we were talking about April….not into August.

      In your scenario, you would be doing a lot of paperwork for both schools and you’d be doing a lot of orientations and picnics and other events leading up to the three weeks if you tried to play them both until the last minute. Is the drive any less if you did it yourself? I find the LAUSD busses not of much value given I can drop my kid off and get home in less time than they suggest and my kid gets an hour longer of sleep. Our magnets were always in the order of 20-30 minutes driving and well over an hour via bus. On the other hand, others have posted here how the bus becomes almost a daily play date for the kids who ride.

      How do you really feel about the charter? Do you have any friends at either school? How are you going to handle Back to School night and other functions? In our case, my daughter is 17 minutes from home with no traffic, but we’ve found a little restaurant/coffeeshop we hunker down in on nights of school events to avoid the back and forth traffic. She gets homework done, we grab a snack, and we get back with plenty of time. Even if we decide to drive home, thankfully the traffic is only one way, so we can make a decision and live with it.

      • Could you explain what you mean by “academy school”? What is the difference between that and an SAS at any other middle school?

        • SAS is a permit to attend the school or if it’s the home school, it’s just the school’s gifted program. It’s an honors level program. Some schools: Millikan, Reed, among others have programs for both the home students and if there is room, permit students. Reed has a culinary program, a humanities program, etc. SAS can have themes. They don’t need to. Millikan has a film academy, a civics academy and a math academy.

  14. Thanks. Those are good thoughts. I was thinking I would not do any of the “get to know you” stuff with the charter (but they have lots of it, they are really invested)…just do the paperwork and show up or not at the end. At this point, I’ve been through private school application, magnets, charters, and an SAS application – a little more paperwork is not an issue to me. But it sounds like Community could dump me if I enroll elsewhere – and I can’t have that. I’m not in love with the charter, but it has potential.

    Also, I don’t think I can beat the bus. First, we couldn’t get to work, be her across the city drivers, and ever see our younger child. And the bus is pretty much an hour even if I drop her at the last stop on the route (which I intend to do). Just some reading on this blog makes me think the Valley has more doable magnets than we do here in Echo Park/Silverlake area.

    Also, I have not really thought about how we will deal with school functions at Community. I don’t know how we are ever going to get to school for such things. Sadly, her grandmother who lives in the valley may be the family member who is most involved in the school. Not ideal. It really distresses me that LAUSD doesn’t seem to provide a decent education in our area outside of Ivanhoe and maybe Franklin.

    Thanks so much for your thoughts. If anyone else knows the rules on losing a spot by enrolling in 2 schools, let me know.

    • I can’t speak for Community or the charter, but what I will say is that anything *that* far that keeps you from being involved should give you pause. Grandma might make the best volunteer/chaperone/concert audience member, but you’re going to want to be more connected than that. And I’m not sure how often Community does evening activities, but I’m a firm believer in those items being what makes a school a ‘community.’ We have always driven 20 minutes or so to every school my kids have attended going back to 1995, so it’s not much of an issue for us, but we both work from home & our kids were 10 years apart.

      Good luck with your decision.

  15. I have boy/girl twins in fourth grade. My daughter was just accepted off the waiting list into SOCES. Since I have no idea where our son is on the list. no clue whether he’ll even be close to possibly getting in.

    Very Sophie’s choice ;).

    Any thoughts on SOCES anyone? We were applying for the points, so SUPER surprised we got in off the waiting list. We’ve accepted the spot, meanwhile.

    • I know teachers and parents at SOCES. I’ll see if I can get at least one to post. SOCES is *NOT* a school to apply to for points for their sheer size. People get in. Your first order of business is to call the school and find out where your son is. If you decide you want to go, make sure you make that clear.

      It’s a small school for a middle or high school. It’s a little intimidating for those 4th and 5th grade years because they’re in with bigger kids, but the stuff they have access to (drama, cheer) at an earlier age is kinda neat. And if all goes well, you are essentially done with the whole magnet game.

      Test score-wise, it’s strong.

      Good luck with your decision.

    • My daughter is in the 6th grade at SOCES. Sandra Tabares, the magnet coordinator, asked her to be one of the students to answer questions during the parent tour this year. I had not attended one of the tours before this year when I took her, and it was really informative. Ms. Tabares included a presentation with the statistics of who was admitted this year, and they accepted 4th graders with as few as 4 points.

      As for the school itself, we’re happy there. It’s a little shocking at first to have a fourth grader on a high school campus. I don’t know if it’s for everyone, but my daughter adjusted well. I’m happy that we’re settled for the long run now. Like Magnetangel said, there are some nice things available to the kids as early as the 4th grade.My daughter did Jr. Cheer the first year, then she was in choir in the 5th grade. It’s a little intimidating at first to have such young kids going class to class with so many teachers, but I made it a point to get to know some of them and that helped. She’s had a few repeat teachers now so relationships she and I have continues and we haven’t had to start fresh each year. I like knowing that the time and effort we invest now will see us through nine years, or longer if/when my younger daughter gets in. Come sixth grade you’ll have a better chance of getting your son in since there are more sixth grade spots than 5th. Good luck.

      • Thanks so much for posting…my son just came off the waiting list (he was on page 7 to start) and so both are in! We’re attending an orientation with them this Friday, it will be our first time on campus; we are looking forward to it!

  16. h-We have a kid at Community and there are a lot of evening activities that start around 5pm as well as morning meetings after drop off if you plan to be involved on a committee. Almost the entire school takes the bus on a daily basis. I would say on average if I ever valet my daughter there are 10-15 cars at pick up, but I think a lot more at drop off because either the parents work not far or just want to let their kids sleep longer. We fortunately have a bus stop that does not leave until 7:30am so it’s a win for us….but you are not alone…you just have to make sure that you can find the time to get off work early enough to make it up for events otherwise you will feel stressed all the time. Traffic is unpredictable in LA…so nothing is a guarantee! A lot of other daytime events that you will want to attend start around 11am-12pm. Good luck with your decision. I don’t know anything about accepting two spots, but once you enroll, I believe the school office will enter all of your info into the LAUSD system so if you enroll at another LAUSD school (charter or not) it might pop up in their screen that your child is already active at another school…make sense? Again, I am no an expert on this…but just a though!

  17. Hello again — I posted our family’s magnet info. on April 2, and received so much very good and kind advice. Here is the info. again:

    –accepted, Arroyo Seco Museum Magnet, Kinder, boy, white

    –wait listed (waaaay down at the bottom), Arroyo Seco Museum Magnet, Kinder, girl, white

    So, now the new twist of events: I just received acceptance from another great magnet (let’s call it #2) for our daughter that I applied for using some type of “space available” feature of echoices.

    I would LOVE #2 magnet, but there are two issues: 1) having two kids the same age at two different schools will, obviously, reduce our level of involvement as parents, since we will have to split our locations; and 2) Arroyo Seco goes all the way through 8th grade, which would be great to avoid the whole junior high scene and go straight to HS.

    My question is: Is there any way she can go to magnet #2 for kinder, then still use her 11 points to, hopefully, get into 1st grade at Arroyo next year? (4 points for PBHAO, 4 wait list rejections points, and 3 sibling points).

    Or do we lose all 11 points if she attends magnet #2, thereby probably eliminating her chance of going to Arroyo Seco?

    If attending magnet #2 ruins her chances of getting into Arroyo Seco for 1st grade, then I will try to get her into another “regular” school for kinder via the open enrollment in May.

    Thanks so much for the information and advice — I have been trying for over two days to contact the magnet program, but have not been able to get through.


    • Sadly, accepting at any magnet will preclude you from any waitlist points in the future (until graduation).

      That said, if you really like magnet 2, look at it again. I know many people with kids at two or more schools for a variety of reasons, and it can be done successfully. Sometimes one parent volunteers at one school and the other parent at the other school.

      Good luck with your decision.

      • I’m a little confused. We just got accepted to a Magnet for 1st grade, and have accepted the spot. We plan on being very happy at this new school through 5th grade. If we want to apply to a Magnet middle school, do I need to try to get waitlist points while I’m in the elementary Magnet? Or do we just get the 12 matriculation points upon graduating from the elementary Magnet, and that’s the most we can have? We do not qualify for sibling, PBHAO, or anything else.

        • Hi Lisa,

          DO NOT apply to other magnets. You will receive 12 points upon matriculation. Essentially rejection points are to even the playing field for those students who never got into a magnet, but never more than 3 years worth of waiting. People who game the system do so because they like their current school but want to have an option for the next level (i.e., middle school).

          Enjoy the magnet you’re attending. You’ll simply apply in 5th grade and will be credited with matriculation points.

          • You are welcome.

            Every year, someone applies to another magnet, trying to get points (you get them, just when the kid graduates). What happens is the child is immediately removed from the current magnet and sent to the new magnet. No ‘deciding.’ It’s done.

            Definitely, sit back and enjoy. 🙂

          • I am confused about this point and hoping you can clarify. If my child enrolls in a magnet program (though the walk on wait list) for 6th grade, can we still apply to a different magnet for 7th? The way I am reading this is that the only way to have max points is to have wait list points and/or matriculation points. Is there a way to switch in the middle?

          • If your child is in a magnet for 6th grade, you will not apply to a different magnet in 7th. You will have matriculation points when he/she graduates.

            There are no points if you apply to a different magnet during that magnet’s run (6-8, or 9-12, for instance).

            You can conceivably apply if you want to try to get in somewhere else, but you will be immediately transferred if you do get in, and truthfully very few magnets have many openings in ‘off’ years. A middle school magnet has most of its openings in 6th grade. On the tour I went on at one middle school this year, there will be NO 7th or 8th grade spots. If you follow Murphy’s Law, essentially if you *hope* to get out, it’s extremely unlikely, and if you were hoping to accrue points you will accidentally get yourself transferred (and you don’t need to–you’ll get points upon graduation).

      • Thanks so much, magnetangel! I really don’t know how I would navigate this LAUSD magnet program system without this wonderful board and your, and other parents knowledge and advice.

        Thank you so very much — I really do appreciate you taking your time to help. It has made a big difference to our family.

  18. Balboa Gifted – Waiting List 😦
    – Grade 1
    – Points 4
    – Hispanic/ Girl

    San Jose Highly Gifted – Accepted (Highly Gifted Applicable) 🙂
    – Grade 4
    – Points 0 (2nd choice)
    – Hispanic/ Girl

    Recently found this site, extremely helpful. Thanks

  19. Twins, one accepted, one waitlisted.
    have accepted or now but am very torn about the second girl not getting an acceptance this year
    Any advice?

    Balboa HG–accepted first grade, 4 points, white girl
    Balboa HG wait listed, 4 points, white girl

    • Sometimes it takes a second year for the second twin to get in. The additional wait points, plus sibling points will put her near the top of the list for next year. Call the school to confirm, but if that’s where you want them, it might take an extra year.

  20. Sibli
    So sibling points for one child’s acceptance are not added until the child reapplies the following year? Seems silly

    • It’s the way they factor it. If you had a 5th grader, and you applied next year, your child would not get sibling points either.

      Some people try to analyze the system. I’m just here to help. You’re not the first in this dilemma, and indeed if you get in, you will find others in the same boat. Good luck.

    • I am in the same boat as you. Twins going into kinder. One got into a magnet, the other is on the magnet waiting list. For 1st grade, the waiting twin will have 11 points total, and will probably get into the magnet.

      Until then, we will just wait tight, and know that the waiting twin reads, does math, has good manners, is creative, and as long as her school is decent, she will be fine waiting one year to get into the magnet.

      I feel your pain, but there is not much we can do except to waitlist it, and have more driving to do for school!

      • Thanks for sharing your experience, Lori. There are always cases of siblings not getting in to various magnets over the years of attendance. It’s rare, but it happens.

        If you’re willing, you can make the magnet aware that you will move your child whenever that spot opens up. Assuming that most parents won’t move their kids as the school year starts, the chances of moving up the list increases significantly.

        Good luck.

  21. Lori,
    Yes, I feel your pain. I feel like there’s not much we can do. The waiting is driving me nuts and I”m just heartbroken over separating the twins. The waiting twin reads at a 4th grade level, does multiplication and is quite frankly bored out her mind in her current school. Her current school is decent but can’t seem to address her needs beyond an average level. It’s unfortunate that twins be separated over this system as it divides a family’s time, committment, and resources.
    My waiting twin too will have 11 points for next year to enter second grade, but in all reality, even that is no guarantee of a spot next year as my understanding is that there are fewer spots as the grade levels ascend and only the high pointers are a consideration. At the same time, however, declining a spot for the accepted twin because the other one is waitlisted just doesn’t feel right either…..
    What a mess!!!

    • Balboa is different, though. Please check with the coordinator.

      When the class sizes were smaller, they added the same amount in first and second, and half that amount in third. If it was 60-60-30 then, it would be 72-72-36 now. Not every kid is identified at the same age, so they stagger their enrollment.

      Be positive, and like I told Lori, make sure the coordinator knows you will accept the spot even if it comes on Norm Day. They have some latitude on the list as the school year starts. If your child didn’t get in by third, I’d tell you to find another alternative.

      • If you are talking about the number of students admitted in each grade level, I believe Balboa admits 96 for 1st grade and 48 for 2nd grade (only 4 classes in 1st, then up to 6 classes in 2nd). I’m not sure what happens after that.

        Also, I know of another set of twin girls in the same situation — one admitted to Balboa for 1st, then other not admitted. So you are not alone! Unless, of course, you are the same person who I know 🙂

        Did you try speaking with the Magnet coordinator at one of the registration events? There is also a new student picnic on 6/21, and I’m guessing she will be at that event as well. Good luck!

  22. Magnetangel,
    Yeah…I’ve tried to talk to them. The office staff won’t even let you talk to the coordinator.
    The ask you what it’s about and the minute you even mention the wait list you get the standard answer about how all they can tell you is if you’re at the top or bottom of the wait list.
    No one actually lets you speak to the coordinator.
    They just say wait, hope and good luck.

    • They get 1000s of phone calls and emails I suspect. I wonder what would happen if you just walked in a week after school lets out, but before the office closes? Depending on how close you live that would be the option I’d take.

      Some schools are better about letting people know where they are on the waitlist (Cleveland comes to mind). And I know Balboa is fairly rigid (including taking tours or visiting classrooms after their set dates). But as a parent of an entering student, you have a right to talk to the coordinator.

      Is there any paperwork you’ve had to fill out for the one who did get in? I’d use that as the way into the office and go from there–after school lets out next week.

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