33 thoughts on “Magnet Acceptance Letters Available Online NOW

  1. Hi,
    I’m new with all of this and thank you for all the info. I have a question; If your child is placed on waiting list, for what/why do we have to call the school? Are there any ‘tips’ on moving up that list faster?

    • Some people like to know what their odds are of getting in if waitlisted. They can be #1 and get a call in two weeks or be #200 and have no chance of ever getting that call. Other people just wait and see.

      • Hi!
        I realize this post is old but I hope you can still help. My daughter is/was on the waitlist for a gifted magnet this school year. We are counting on those point for when she goes to middle school.

        Today I was ready to submit the online application for next year, (hoping to be waitlisted again and accumulate points) until I read this on the application:

        “If the applicant does not get selected into a Magnet Program, the applicant will be placed on a waiting list for their First Choice. Any priority points that they may have had will be used, once they are placed on this waiting list.”
        Is this new? Does that mean we will lose all our points just for being waitlisted next year? Did we even keep the ones from last year’s waitlist?

        Maybe Im reading it wrong…

        Thank you so much!

  2. Thanks so much for keeping us up to date on this. We just found out that we got into Community Magnet, which was our long shot for points… Now, we’re trying to figure out the logistics of whether or not we can feasibly manage actually sending her there (from the West Valley and hubby and I both work in Studio City). Luckily, we have friends whose son has been there for two years, so we have the insider viewpoint…

    Thanks again for hosting this important information and making the magnet process seem manageable.

    • You’re most welcome, Becky!

      If the bussing is an issue on the home swing, why not see if she can take one bus in the morning and take another in the afternoon and get dropped off with you?


  3. I called the school my child was wait listed at and was told they can’t access the position info until May 1st. Was anyone able to find out their child’s number?

    • That doesn’t surprise me. They’ll make immediate calls starting the day after the cut off. There’s no point in telling you where if you get called the day after the cut off. Be patient.

      • What do you mean magnetangel?
        What’s the cutoff?

        Terri, I called the school we are waitlisted and they told me we are on the bottom half of a list wt 200 kids… so she doesn’t think we’ll make it but that we never know…
        I think we have no chance.

        • Accepted students have until April 19th or so (it’s on their acceptance letter) to accept or they are assumed to forfeit their spot. That is the cutoff I referred to. If they forfeit the spots, they go immediately to the wait list. Truth is, the longer someone is on the waitlist, the more likely they have made other arrangements. Schools go through their wait lists VERY quickly the first week of school or so.

          • Thanks! We are waitlisted on our first choice magnet. Is it possible to be also on the wait list, at the other 2 magnet schools I put on the application? Can I call them and have them add me (my daughter lol)?

          • You can call and ask, but the problem with late wait lists, is your name goes at the end, below every other person who applied. Very few magnets get all the way through their original wait list, but you can call and ask. What can it hurt?

  4. magnetangel,
    I checked our app status and it said my daughter was put on a wait list for her first choice. I’m hoping we get called, but let’s just say that we do not get called and she doesn’t get in. What now?? She’s entering middle school, so it’s not like we can just wait another year. I do not want my daughter to attend our home school. Since she is in a magnet program now, where will she go after the school year ends. I have no idea what steps I need to take. Please help!
    Also, by any chance do you know about the SAS programs? My daughter is highly gifted and I did read about this other program in certain schools but am not too familiar with it.

    • Hi Marisa,

      You could still be called as late as a month into next school year. So if that is your first choice, take heart. On the other hand, you do need to come up with a backup plan. Since your daughter is gifted, you are in luck. Schools for Advanced Studies (SAS) are for gifted students and are definitely another option for your child.

      SAS schools are taking applications NOW. You can get a list of the schools and download the paper application here: http://www.lausd.net/lausd/offices/GATE/prog-opt-3.html

      If you have questions about individual programs, feel free to post, but post in the area of the school’s location/city. I treat magnet and SAS interchangeably. The big difference is there is no bussing, but there are GREAT SAS programs out there.

        • Absolutely not. They’re separate programs. Many families apply to both to bolster their chances but more so because there are so many programs. You can apply to as many SAS programs as you want, too, which increases your chances.

          • Update: My daughter will stay on the waiting list for our first choice magnet and accumulate points in the process. In the meantime, last week, I was contacted by admissions at our home school, Walter Reed Middle School, and was asked if my daughter would be attending. I explained my situation and told her I was not sure, I told her I was in the process of applying for SAS permits in hopes that my daughter would be accepted. She was very helpful and told me that their school offers SAS program along with 5 other academies with honors classes, only problem is that applications for the academies were due in Feb. But in our case, because this is our home school my child would be placed at the top of the waiting list and has a VERY good chance of getting in. We will get a response by next week! Thank you again for all of your help.

  5. JM says:
    I waited up to the last day to appy for my daughter at Echoices. Now we are at waiting list. Do you know if those who applied earlier than us have a bigger chance to get in? Do they go by the dates?

    • Absolutely not. People who applied on October 8th had the same chance as people who applied on the cut off at 5 pm. After the applications are received, they’re ranked by points, and within each point threshold (23, 20, 19, 16, 15, and so on) students are chosen randomly. It is NOT the same for SAS, so if you apply for SAS, get that application in this week.

  6. We applied to San Pedro Marine Magnet with Narbonne (in Lomita) a far second choice. When we got the letter, it said we were accepted at Narbonne. Does that mean we’re on a waitlist for SPMM? Is there anything we can do to try to get back to our first choice?
    In discussing our son’s status with a staff member at his current middle school, we noticed (accidentally) that NONE of the students from our middle school apparently got accepted to Pedro. Is this just the lottery run amok, or are our students being shunted to Narbonne?

    • Here’s where that second choice becomes a real bummer. You would be on the waitlist for the first one if you hadn’t put down the second or third choice. By putting it down, you’re now accepted.

      I wouldn’t assume none of the kids from your school got in for any reason other than it’s a points battle. Is your son currently in a magnet? How many points did you have going in? Coming from similar neighborhoods, your son’s friends will be in the same boat. There’s a very reasonable explanation that the kids who got in to San Pedro had more points.

      • The e-choices form did not give us a “choice”. The form demanded alternates. Have attempted to contact magnet coord at San Pedro but no response so far. Considering sit-in.
        All groaning aside, we would greatly appreciate any feedback on Narbonne Math Science Magnet in Lomita. It’s a school-within-a-school, so all the kids we see coming to and fro during our commute past the school look like wannabe thugs and slackers, and yet everyone tells us the magnet inside is good. What have you heard?

        • I filled out the form online and only submitted one choice, leaving the others blank.

          Hopefully we’ll get some responses from folks in that area of L.A., since it’s quite a bit outside of my area of the San Fernando Valley. Did you tour it? Will they offer tours now?

          • Yeah, it looks like we may have misread a prompt on the online form as a command rather than as a question. I can’t call up the form online anymore to look at exactly how it’s phrased, but at the time we were under the impression we had to give alternate choices. I thought we knew our way around this form since we have been using it for 8 years, but it looks like we stumbled in the transition from analog to online submission. Fair warning to parents applying online next year….

  7. This website has so much helpful info, I am hoping someone can help me understand the choices on the Choices application. I plan to put LACES as our first choice for middle school but I know getting in is a long shot so I am thinking of putting Palms down as our second choice. I was told by a parent that Palms actually did get though their magnet wait list this year for 6th grade (not sure if that is true). My question is, if I put LACES first and end up on their wait list, can I remain there to see if we get in (or how far down we are) before getting on the bottom of the Palms list. How does the process of getting on the wait list of your second choice school actually work and/or is there any chance of ending up in your second choice instead on the wait list of your first? Hope that makes sense. Looking forward to your words of wisdom.

    • How it’ll work, is they will see if you get into LACES, then you get to try Palms. If Palms has a wait list, then you’d go back to LACES and be on only their waitlist. The trouble is if you have enough points to get into Palms, you don’t get to wait for LACES, even if you would have eventually gotten that call.

      I don’t know how many points you have, or what has typically been admitted to either school, but those are the magic questions to see if you want to risk LACES for Palms.

      • Thanks for the quick reply.

        We will have 16 points (3 years of rejections, plus PHBAO). From what I understand, Palms usually has a wait list but they have gone through it in the past. If that is the case, seems if we don’t get into LACES we’d end up their wait list, but not on Palms’. We’d end up on the Palms walk on wait list whether we put it as a second choice or not. The second choice seems to only come into play if you are applying for a school that does not fill up. I suppose this could happen with Palms but it seems unlikely based on past years. Crazy system because if a school does not fill up, you don’t really need to put it down as a choice in the first place! I guess it can work for folks who just want a magnet and really don’t mind getting into their second choice over being waitlisted at their first.

        As for us, we are going to apply to only to LACES and go through SAS for Palms (and maybe try for their walk-on wait list). Glad to have the options for what feel like several good (or good enough) middle school choices around us.

        I tried to get stats for how many or what percentage of caucasian kids with 16 points get into LACES but magnet office says only school would know and school says they don’t get that kind of info from the district. Hmmm. LACES person did say 16 points should have a pretty good chance of getting in, but I am not sure what she was basing it on since she said they don’t have that kind of info (and I know plenty of people who do not get in). We will take our chances either way.

        Thanks again!

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