SAS Applications for LAUSD now available online

Families seeking SAS permits to attend schools in LAUSD should head over to the Schools for Advanced Studies website and print out an application now.  Applications can be turned in on April 2nd, but it will give families enough time to gather the necessary paperwork and do research on the SAS programs they wish to apply.

Good luck!

35 thoughts on “SAS Applications for LAUSD now available online

  1. My daughter gained entry into an elementary school last fall via an SAS permit. She was not issued a permit, per se, but was given the application packet to enroll. Is my understanding correct that, unlike Child Care permits, SAS permits do not require annual renewal. In other words, once you have enrolled, your position is stable. Thanks for clarifying.

    • Yes, Zara,
      She’s in until she graduates/matriculates from that school. It is a permit to attend the school outside of the boundaries of the school, but once you’re in, you’re in for the length of the school.

    • It is almost impossible to start SAS at kindergarten level. I have never seen any kid start SAS at kindergarten. You can apply at multiple SAS programs, but be sure to call the school first. They may need additional documents such as sample of student’s work, report card etc.

        • Hi,
          Can you please let me know what you have to provide (recommendation letter, work etc.) in order to get your son accepted to a kindergarten SAS program? I will be applying for my daughter next year.

          • You should call the school’s you are interested in and ask what the requirements are. Each school may have its own set of requirements. Get the knowledge from the source if you can. SAS applications for the 2016-2017 school year will b coming soon.

  2. My child is eligible to apply at gifted magnet based on meeting all 4 critical thinking skills and we got a confirmation email from magnet office regarding her eligibility status.

    However, the principal and GATE coordinator at 3rd Street ES told me that we could not apply for their SAS program without OLSAT or CST. They even told me to tell my current’s school GATE coordinator to read the eligibility criteria handbook again. I always thought the admission criteria for SAS is the same of gifted magnet, I have no idea why we could not apply at their SAS program. Is this mean we can only apply at gifted magnet?

    My child just took OLSAT test this week and will take CST test next month.

  3. Hi,
    Can I apply to more than 1 SAS school?
    Can I apply to a school’s SAS program and also apply to that same school for their charter school lottery?

    • Yes. Apply to as many SAS as you choose to.

      Yes. You can apply to an SAS and the home school so long as they allow for that.

      Best of luck.

  4. Hi, I just submitted application to one of the schools for the kindergarten and they said that they will have group evaluation test for the kids. Is anyone familiar with the test ? (My daughter is very shy, so I am really concerned with this test)

    Thank you

    • I’m actually curious to this as well… my daughter just received a call from one of the schools I applied her to for an interview… she is an incoming kinder. Anyone have any idea as to the interview process? Thanks!

      • Not sure but we have one at Dixie Canyon next week. Let me know what happens. I’m thinking at different schools testing is probably different but just to get an idea would be great.

    • You know, I’m not sure. I actually went to a few very desirable SAS schools the first morning they were accepting SAS applications. I was expecting at least a few other parents submitting their applications as well. At most schools I was the only person there. There was one school (Carpenter Elementary) that had maybe 2 other parents delivering SAS applications, but it certainly wasn’t the droves of people I was expecting.
      I think it probably makes sense to get it in early rather than later just in case they do it on a first come first serve basis. I also wonder if some schools do a lottery and some use a first come first serve system.

      • I went and applied to ‘several’ (meaning 10!!!) SAS schools and I can tell you some didnt even know what the application was for… Some said SAS was a lottery but most schools said they didn’t know how they were going to select the SAS students but that they pick those before they do the regular lottery for open spaces.

        • I would get the SAS application in as early as possible.

          One of the schools I visited made it very clear that priority for SAS was given based on date of application. This school even contrasted the procedure for SAS with their Open Enrollment which is lottery for everyone who submits during the application period with no preference for earlier applications.

          The other SAS school I visited made it sound like they had been able to admit all SAS applicants in the past so they didn’t emphasize early applications, but they did say that they enrolled SAS students before Open Enrollment ones.

  5. Here is the update info regarding SAS:

    Click to access ParentNewletterApril_2012-13.pdf

    SAS schools should not deviate from District policy by creating their own SAS applications, criteria and/or timelines. Accordingly, a school cannot request additional information of the student, parent, or student’s current school of attendance (e.g., multiple years of test scores,
    report card grades, teacher recommendation, audition, etc.). SAS schools may request a portfolio or interview of young children only (grades K/1).

    How can they enforce this policy? Top SAS schools still have their own policy in accepting students.

    • This is really up to the district to enforce. We simply filled out the district form, so I’m not aware of other applications.

  6. Anyone know WHEN schools notify parents of acceptance into a school with a SAS permit. I spoke with one school who said they “might” accept some of the SAS applications (not accepting any lottery kids) but that they won’t know until August. Is that typical?

  7. Okay, thanks! We were told by 2 schools so far that they have to wait until they know if they will be at full capacity with neighborhood kids BEFORE taking any SAS kids. These are 2 very hard to get into schools but I thought they were suppose to notify applicants by May 10th.
    Ill let you know what happens…

  8. I found even the administration at our school who have an SAS programme don’t understand the criteria!

    • Some schools has their own ways in selecting kids. Third Street elementary school told me that my daughter is not eligible for their SAS program based on teacher’s recommendation (meeting all 4 critical thinking skills). They want test score (cst or olsat) or being identified by lausd psychologist.

  9. Does anyone have any information on SAS permits for this year – 2014? I don’t see anything since last year posted on the LAUSD site.

    I’m in the Echo Park/Silverlake area – looking for schools between here and West Hollywood. I’m not happy with my assigned school. I’ve called a few of the better schools in my area with varying responses. One said SAS cannot apply to Kindergarden; one said they would have a lottery from the permit applicants; and one waffled on me and said it would pretty much be up to the principal as to whether I could submit an SAS permit application (which seemed either uninformed, or a bit shady). If anyone has information on how to use the SAS permits, or anything about a good school in this area I have a shot at getting into, I’d love to hear it.

    • It’s a little early for SAS. We’re expecting magnet responses by April 1, and the goal is to avoid some replication in unnecessary applications.

      Kindergarten SAS is tough, because it’s hard to show a child is advanced before they’ve even attended. I know there are some schools that allow it, but I have no experience with any.

      You’re also coming up on open enrollment season, which is when many of the spots for outside kindergarten permits get grabbed up, so be looking for that list as well.

    • Yes, but it’s more a matter of technicality. You will be accepted. So if your child is identified as gifted, and you like your home school’s SAS program, just ask them what steps you need to take. You will probably fill out paperwork, but I wouldn’t call it an application.

  10. If you get accepted into an SAS program, but haven’t heard back from the others just yet, is it in your best interest to wait to say yes? As in, does the school system’s computer flag the fact that you accepted another school and possibly make the other schools not accept you as well? Me, another mom and our preschool teacher were mulling that over today and came up blank. And can they rescind the offer if it takes you a few days to reply? Thanks!

    • Most of the offers are given with a time frame in which to actually submit enrollment papers. I’d make sure the school conveyed this clearly to you. If they have no date, great, but I’m pretty sure most do have a few weeks’ window.

      And technically schools don’t share that info about who got in where, but I suspect the smaller the enrollment, the more careful they are. We were kicked off the list at one middle school while waiting to hear back from another school (different programs). We would have gladly gone to the first school, but it wasn’t our first choice, and their sending the nasty letter galvanized my feeling that we really were better off waiting.

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