Magnet Letters Go Out April 1

The Student Integration Services branch of LAUSD has announced that the magnet acceptance letters go out April 1.  Families will have just under three weeks to make a decision, before accepting by April 19.

If you get a letter and you wish to share for data purposes, post a response where you applied, how many points you have, and whether you got in or were rejected.  If you call the school to find out where you are on the wait list, feel free to share that as well.

It will be helpful for others next year as they try to decide where to apply.



89 Responses to Magnet Letters Go Out April 1

  1. Salsa says:

    High ability applicant can view their eligibility status for gifted magnet school today. I just got an email this evening.

    Click on the fourth link: View Gifted/Highly Gifted Eligibility/Ineligibility Letter to view Eligibility/Ineligibility letter

  2. Lisa says:

    I’m very interested to see the effect of charter schools on the points required to get into some of the high demand magnets. For instance, two people from our school turned down LACES last year to go to highly regarded charter schools. This year there are additional charter choices that people are excited about and may choose over magnet.

  3. Salsa says:

    I heard that they will mail out magnet letters tomorrow (March 29) and a copy of the letter will be available online at the magnet website.

  4. Readkr says:

    Did anyone get the copy of magnet letter online? I applied online, but don’t see any letter on echoices website yet.

    • magnetangel says:

      I didn’t see it yet either. No doubt someone will post. Since LAUSD is off tomorrow, I guess April 2.

  5. Marisol Rocha says:

    Hello! We are a Monterrey, Mexico family (mom, 2 children) moving to Los Angeles in July, just in time for next school year. I will be studying there. Isabella will be going to 7th grade, Sebastian going to 5th. I am extremely worried because I have no idea how to get started with the schooling of my children. Could someone orient me?

    In this case, I was planning to get housing after getting a school for them. Would this be convenient? Could it help me in some way in what I will express next? Please keep on reading, thanks for your time! Please don´t get me wrong, I would like to share with you some information of my children without sounding presumptuous.

    Isabella sings beautifully, dances in a very nice way and loves acting and performing in front of a public. She will be attending an international talent convention called IPOP in July. Both my children have always been in an International Baccalaureate (IB) private school in Mexico and they are perfectly capable of communicating in English (not impeccably but functionally well) – so I wouldn´t need ESL. Besides accomplishment rubrics, Mexican school is measured in a 10-base scale. They have a general average of 9.6 – both are very good students.

    I know many of you are going to think I am totally crazy, but it is worth asking…I was hoping I could probably get a place in Milikan, Marina del Rey, Renassaince, OCSA, Champs, Eagle Rock, or any other performing arts magnet school for Isabella at least.

    If you had the freedom of building your “strategy – life” (sorry for sounding so corny) around the possibility of getting a place in a school like the ones I mentioned, how would you handle it? What are the steps I should follow in order to enroll my children in the U.S.? Do you think writing letters to the principals of these places would help, or sending videos?

    If things are just plainly impossible, then would you please let me know of a good public school with an AWESOME performing arts program for singers and actors? Thank you all so very much!


    • magnetangel says:

      Hi Marisol,

      By arriving in July, your choices will be limited essentially to the schools you live near. You won’t be able to enroll anywhere until you have an address. Magnet season has come and gone, charters had their application periods, and even open enrollment and SAS (schools for advanced studies–gifted programs) will have had their windows open and close.

      These programs have established protocols, so writing or emailing principals is not likely to do much. Occasionally some of the schools have an opening midyear, but you can’t do much until you establish residence.

      Another thing to consider is if you are moving for work, Orange County is quite a ways from Los Angeles in terms of traffic.

      Most of the schools offer midyear openings, if available, but arriving just as school is going back into session, the kids on the wait list still be called.

      If I were to move into the district by July, I’d decide quickly which area I wanted to live in. And enroll the kids. If it ends up being Millikan, there will be options for her, since many of the programs are open to other students–like chorus. And for 8th grade, she might be able to slot into the academy of her choice. Your son could go to one of the very fine neighborhood elementaries (Riverside Drive, Coldwater, Carpenter) and graduate into Millikan.

      I know it’s not what you want to hear, but the programs prove to be more popular than the spots available. Good luck, and let us know what happens.

  6. Marisol Rocha says:

    Thank you so much for your reply. Could you please let me know why you mention that Milikan could have options for my child? If I give it a try, do you think it Is a good neighborhood (just a safe one) to live and walk around with my children.? On the other hand, if only those schools will be my option, do you know any schools with a great performing arts academy during the afternoons? Can my children access afternoon programs even if they are not enrolled in such schools? Finally, what is the normal enrollment process is it complicated?

    • magnetangel says:

      Because on their tour they were clear that they created the Performing Arts Academy for children in the neighborhood. I’m not sure how that would play with the fact that you will need her to audition to get into that academy, but she could dabble for 7th grade and hopefully get in and be immersed by 8th grade by applying on time. More so, CHAMPS is a high school, so that isn’t really an option until 9th grade. Also I know the elementary schools in that area are strong and have a lot of enrichment programs that will help your son in performing arts.

      As for safety, it’s one of the nicer ones in the Valley. Housing is pricey. If you look for afterschool programs, some are taught at schools and others are elsewhere. You could call the schools for those types of suggestions. My daughter is in orchestra programs, and that would be the only thing I could speak on.

      Keep in mind this is a volunteer blog, and LAUSD is a very large district of over 650,000 kids and nearly 1000 schools. I can’t speak to schools that I’ve never been near.

      • Marisol Rocha says:

        Thank you again! You have been very helpful! I will call Milikan about that! Congratulations for your blog!

  7. deb says:

    Welby Way elementary gifted/high ability magnet
    Grade 2

  8. Josh says:

    echoices website has been update – you can look online.

    Cleveland humanities magnet 9th grade – 12pts waitlisted…..

    • magnetangel says:

      Thanks, Josh.

      With 12 points, you should have no problems. Cleveland usually gets through their entire waitlist by end of summer. Good luck!

      • Salsa says:

        Braddock Drive Gifted/Highly Gifted/High Ability Magnet
        Grade 3
        8 Points Minority (My child is a biracial)

        • magnetangel says:

          Congrats, Salsa!

          • Readkr says:

            Waitlisted at Wonderland Magnet for Grade 3. What are the chances? We have 8 points.

          • magnetangel says:

            If more people post, we might be able to guess. But the most accurate way will be to call them (but not in the morning–first day back), and ask where you on the wait list, and how far they usually get. 8 points for third grade doesn’t seem like you’d be too low.

            Good luck!

          • Salsa says:

            Wonderland magnet coordinator told me that he don’t think there will be any opening in third grade or just one or 2 openings if current students leave but the school have 20 spots for incoming 4th grade every year. He said sometimes 12 points can get off waitlist at the end of summer.Wonderland is very closed to where I live, but I would prefer to get in, so we decided to try other gifted magnet.

          • magnetangel says:

            Which differs from, say, Balboa where they add 60-60-30 (or probably 72-72-36 with the new norms) for first, second, and third grades. It’s good to know that at the very least Wonderland adds another grade level beyond first grade.

          • Julie says:

            Accepted at Wonderland Magnet for Grade 4. 16 points. We’ve been rejected by Wonderland 3 times (plus PHBAO home school).

          • magnetangel says:

            Congrats! Looks like patience has paid off!

  9. K says:

    Eagle Rock Gifted/High Ability Magnet 2nd Grade


    Asian 12 points

  10. Readkr says:

    I applied to 2 magnet programs – Wonderland and Balboa. I have been wait-listed for wonderland. No update about Balboa. Do they just update about one of your choices?

    • magnetangel says:

      This is all new this year. My understanding is that they ran the numbers through the first program, then ran your student through the second program after *everyone* who applied to that school first. And if neither had room, you are wait listed back to the first one. Balboa was going to be full before you got on to that second chance list, so you are only waiting for one school–Wonderland.

      • Salsa says:

        Magnet points can only use with first choice of school. So the chance for applying at Balboa with 0 points and get in are nil.

  11. JT says:

    Applied to Vintage for 1st grade with zero points. Wait-listed–not sure whether to be hopeful! Found out using the link provided here–thank you!

  12. MagDad4 says:

    Braddock Drive Gifted Magnet School – boy, white, 3rd grade, 4 points, waitlisted… Checked online… Keeping my fingers crossed he does not get in, made a mistake when applying (thought we had to fill all three schools, and did so – yet, we’d rather keep him in his current school which we all like and use points for MS).

    To all posters and folks behind this site: keep it up, this is a great resource (wish I knew about this before)… Thank you!

  13. Lisa says:


    6th grade, caucasian

    16 points, waitlisted (boo!)

  14. Terri says:

    Waitlisted for Wonderland, Gr. 2. No points.

  15. Josh says:

    Cleveland humanities 9th grade – 12 points (2 kids) – one on page 17 and one on page 20.

    friend with 0 points on page 35

    • magnetangel says:

      Thanks, Josh. I wonder if they will be able to continue to get everyone off the wait list as they’ve claimed in previous years. Can I ask if it was white or minority?

    • Lisa says:

      Did you call the school to find out what page you are on?

    • minnie says:

      we were waitlisted with 16 points.

      • magnetangel says:

        Minnie, which school is this for?

        • minnie says:

          Cleveland Humanities

          • Judy says:

            I wonder if this is usual. Cleveland hopeful parents please update us to let us know if you get called off the waitlist. Last year I know for certain that at least some were accepted off the waitlist with 0 points. But I don’t know what points topped that waitlist.

            Minnie, did you apply as white or minority?

            I hope you all get in.

          • magnetangel says:

            I agree, Judy. For years, the magnet coordinator has been able to say that they got everyone off the wait list–even if it took all summer. 30-some pages of names seems a little ominous.

          • minnie says:

            Caucasian, male. we’re on page 11 on the waitlist. #88. Thankfully, we were accepted other places.

          • Judy says:

            Can I ask what your alternatives were?

          • Judy says:

            I’d like to clarify my above post. Last year I know for certain that at least some kids were called off the waitlist with 4 points (0 previous waitlist points and 4 PHABO points).

          • magnetangel says:

            Judy, I’ve been to the Monroe Magnet night, and I’ve got friends with kids there (at least one senior, junior and freshman). And they assure me that the wait list is that long every year, and they get to the end of the wait list by the end of summer every year. So let’s hope so 🙂

  16. ksmommy says:

    Paul Revere
    7th grade Afro-Am girl
    16 pts (did not get in last year for 6th with 12 pts)

  17. Puru says:

    Wait listed for Community Magnet Charter, 12 points, 3rd Grade, Asian. What are our chances?

    • magnetangel says:

      We can’t really surmise on chances until we get more data. Easiest way will be to call the school in a bit and ask. 12 has been getting into many schools, but I can’t speak for Community Magnet Charter.

  18. Adele says:

    Accepted 4 Points
    First try
    3rd Grade
    Windsor Hills M/S Aero
    Mixed – white/black

    I’m a little confused – it says to let the school know before April 19th that we accepted (which I did), and was told that I have to call back in early May for early enrollment (there is a late one as well). That seems a little weird to me. Wouldn’t they have the list of accepted children, cross off those who decline or do not respond and then notify those on the wait lists?

    • magnetangel says:

      No confusion necessary. You applied to the magnet and got in. Now you get to go back and fill out all the fun paperwork that constitutes enrollment. Where my daughter is, they handed us everything from the emergency card to the contact info paperwork in order to make sure we filled it out and got them in the system.

      You are in, but they need you to come in and fill in the paperwork. The people who don’t call by April 19 will definitely be NOT in.

  19. mom2ojgh says:

    Holmes Middle School
    6th Grade
    12 points – accepted

    (Also, a friend, white, with zero points was accepted — much to their astonishment!)

  20. SH says:

    Balboa Gifted/HA Magnet
    11 points
    2nd grade

  21. Vicvroom says:

    Arroyo Seco Museum Magnet
    4 points

    We’ve decided to go somewhere else for Kinder but like having the points.

  22. mahbell says:

    16 points
    6th Grade

    Wish the three choices selection process was more clearly defined from the get go. Meant to apply to Revere MS but thought with three choices, points would carry through if first choice did not pan out…so wrong! Called and found out that there is basically no chance that my child will be able to get into LACES and there is no chance of getting in at Paul Revere or Palms. Time to resort to “plan B.” Drag!

    • magnetangel says:

      Hi mahbell, I agree with the three choices. They’re more like a feel-good measure than any real ‘choice.’ Is your child identified as gifted? Have you looked at SAS programs?

      • mahbell says:

        Hi magnetangel, my child is identified as gifted and we actually enrolled in the Emerson MS SAS program. We toured the campus and my daughter fell in love with what she saw (the classes looked fun, students did not look angst ridden, performing arts program including drama and costume design, band playing “Star Wars” theme during class, etc.). Plan “B” is looking to be very positive. Thank you for being such an excellent resource for parents that are trying to figure out the public school system!

        P.S. thanks for your comment about the three choices…it takes the sting out of making the wrong choice during this years application process 😉

  23. winterzelaya says:

    first choice 32nd usc we were rejected with 4 points
    got into point fermin elementary but we are going to a chater school instead

  24. Karla says:

    Community Magnet
    0 points

  25. Ilana says:

    Kester Avenue Gifted Magnet
    8 points
    electronic application

  26. Lis says:

    Welby Way Gifted Magnet
    1st Grade
    11 Points

  27. DClolo says:

    Wonderland, waitlisted, 2nd grade, minority, 12 pts.
    The school won’t tell you where you are on the list until after May 1st.

  28. Sophie says:

    Community Magnet
    4 points
    Waitlisted – Page Two

    Anyone know our chances?

    • magnetangel says:

      Not as bad as for some. I’m still not clear how many names on each page, but since a LOT of people use the schools that offer magnet kinders as a way to get wait list points, there are always a few surprised people who get in for kindergarten. There might be a few 7s ahead, but 4 is probably the most common kindergarten point total, followed by 3 (just sibling) or 0.

  29. Karla says:

    There are 10 people on each page. They told me in past years they don’t get past the first page. 😦

  30. liz says:

    I can’t even get confirmation that our applications were accepted. BEYOND frustrating 😦

  31. Anyone know how to apply to Wonderland’s magnet for first grade when they haven’t taken the gifted test( that they do in 2nd grade)?? Thanks. quickly running out of time!

    • magnetangel says:

      Talk to your child’s teacher. If you fill out the Choices app for a gifted magnet, LAUSD will send a confirmation to your child’s current school and the teacher will fill it out. Before you apply, it makes sense to make sure the teacher will sign off on it. 🙂

    • Salsa says:

      Not so sure what is going on with Wonderland Magnet this year. My friend is interested in applying for thier 2nd grade magnet program, but when she called the school, the staff said that the info on Choices brochure is incorrect and they do not accept 2nd grade students this year. They have 22 opening spots for Grade 3 students for 2014 school year and that is all. Not so sure what happened to their 2nd grade admission. Can anyone share info regarding Wonderland Magnet here?

  32. Mayra says:

    Waitlisted for Harbor ES HA/G/HG with 7 pts. for 5th grade. My youngest already goes there and he was waitlisted too last year. I already called to get his number on the waitlist but I was told the usual (wait until they get acceptance/rejections back, find out who moved away). I’ll call when they get back from spring break. I’m confident that he will be going there next year. 😊

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