Required Viewing for Test Scores and Ratings has published a short video that succinctly says what we’ve been stressing for years: test scores are only part of the story.

LAUSD does not tend to break out the scores of magnets or other programs on a campus. So a school with a gifted magnet or SAS might look higher than it is, given that a percentage of the kids are scoring significantly higher. And as mentioned in the PI section of this site, an entire school can be labeled PI because of a struggling special education or ELL population. Dual-immersion programs tend to have lower scores in the beginning, and some brave schools teach off the ‘grid’ so to speak and their students may not look like the testing machines that their friends at more traditional campuses.

Bottom line: TOUR. If you don’t put puts on the ground, talk to parents, and investigate, your student might end up in a school that looks higher, but he or she might miss out on a really great educational experience.

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