2 thoughts on “LAUSD Choice Applications Due Friday, 11/16 at 5 pm

  1. Hi I received an email today from LAUSD that is confusingly worded (at least to me) as to whether I need to do anything more or if I am just waiting to hear back about magnet acceptances in the spring. Further I applied my two kids for magnet programs and only received one email so it isn’t even clear to me which kid I have the email for! Anyone with insight care to post? Thank you!

    The email starts off by stating:

    “This e-mail is to inform you that your child’s Choices application has been received and processed. You will be notified in April 2013 if your child is selected or placed on the waiting list for the Magnet, PWT or NCLB/PSC Program that you requested for the 2013-2014 school year.”

    However the email then goes on to suggest that the application requires further action to be considered “complete” (whatever that means):

    “Please click on the link below and log on to the on-line application in order to download important information regarding your child’s Choices application.


    After you log on to the on-line application, you will then be able to view and download your Choices Application Confirmation Letter, Correction Letter or Ineligibility letter. Please click on the appropriate link based on your program of choice.
    You must verify that all information displayed on the application is accurate. Not verifying the information may jeopardize your child’s magnet application process.

    If you receive a Correction or Ineligibility Letter when you open the link and you are instructed to take additional steps, you must follow these steps in order for your child’s magnet application to be considered complete.”

    • Did you click on the letter option from the application?

      I haven’t gotten the email, yet, but my letter is there. When I click on the letter it looks like the standard letter–with the points attached.

      If there is something to correct, the letter itself will explain it.

      For those reading–you won’t have this year’s rejection points on this letter or the one that comes in April because you’re not considered rejected until the fall, essentially.

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