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  1. Hi magnetangel, I hope you can help with this question. My son was identified by his teacher and school as gifted last year. We applied to a gifted magnet and later received a letter of eligibility from the LAUSD Gifted office. His magnet points were low and he was wait-listed.

    Here’s the question and I’ve heard two answers: Does he need to be re-verified this year as gifted by his school? The magnet coordinator at the gifted magnet said no, he’s already been identified, but a knowledgeable mom I know said yes. It’s unclear in the choices brochure if the eligibility needs to be renewed each year.

    Also, last year it was simply a matter of the LAUSD magnet/Gifted office contacting the school to verify giftedness after they received the choices application. Now I’m reading that I need to give a form to the principal or ask the Gifted office to send it to her and have her send it back to them before the choices application deadline. Thanks so much for your insight!

    • People are reading this different ways. If he was classified last year, I’d assume he would still be this year. But I’d call the GATE office downtown and get solid proof. If the magnet coordinator said he’s identified I’d think that was enough, but this is a free blog, I don’t want anyone to come back and be denied because LAUSD changed policy.

      I responded to the last question on FB to a friend of a friend. I think you’re confusing two parts–the part where they talk about giving the form to the principal is for private school kids.

      Call the GATE office for specifics, since the GATE identification is changing almost day by day.

      Good luck.

      • Thanks very much. I’ll call the office and see if I can get a definitive answer. And yes, I did confuse the second part!

  2. I hope I am posting this in the right section. Currently filling in my online application form

    My daughter is currently in kinder at a charter school, which we love, and don’t want to move her right now. We want to start getting points for her for Eagle Rock Elementary for 3rd grade.

    Sooo which schools have the highest # of applicants, so we can get the points 🙂 Would it be Balboa or Kester?

    Thanks so much in advance:))

    • If your child hasn’t been identified as gifted, I’d say try Valley Alternative. You would be rejected from Balboa without accruing points if you do not have her identified as gifted.

      Good luck.

        • You’ll want to make sure the principal of her current school fills out the appropriate paperwork so that LAUSD can recognize her as gifted. You will be running the very high risk of getting in. All 72 spots for first grade for Balboa will be families in kinder with few to no points. It’s common for them to get in with 0 by summer’s end. You can still try Valley Alternative, but if class size increases, you will still run the risk of getting accepted. However, nothing ventured nothing gained.

          Good luck!

  3. These are the schools on the list….or are u saying to not mention she is gifted so I can get the points without being excepted? Thanks…sorry it’s confusing to me:)

    School Code School Name Grades Address Zip ESC Trans Info
    1664402 74TH STREET ES (Gifted/Highly Gifted/High Ability) 1-5 2112 W 74TH ST 90047 W View
    1208902 AMBLER ES (Gifted/Highly Gifted/High Ability) 1-5 319 E SHERMAN DR 90746 S View
    1226901 BALBOA ES (Gifted/Highly Gifted/High Ability) 1-5 17020 LABRADOR ST 91325 N View
    1227402 BALDWIN HILLS ES (Gifted/Highly Gifted/High Ability) 1-5 5421 RODEO RD 90016 W View
    1278102 CANTERBURY ES (Gifted/Highly Gifted/High Ability) 1-5 13670 MONTAGUE ST 91331 N View
    1367102 EUCLID ES (Gifted/High Ability) 1-5 806 EUCLID AVE 90023 E View
    1601302 HARBOR MAGNET ES (at Park Western) 1-5 1214 PARK WESTERN PL 90732 S View
    1472602 KESTER ES (Gifted/High Ability) 1-5 5353 KESTER AVE 91411 N View
    1763702 WELBY WAY ES (Gifted/High Ability) 1-5 23456 WELBY WAY 91307 N View

    • I’ll try to be clearer.

      In order to apply and be considered for a gifted magnet, you need to follow the rules listed here for students not in LAUSD. You will need to have that verification filled out before you apply to ANY gifted magnet.

      That said, if you apply to the gifted magnets when the first year of the magnet is first grade, there is a much higher likelihood your daughter will get in–foiling your plan to wait until third grade.

      You might want to apply to Valley Alternative, since they start in kindergarten and there are only a few openings in first grade, where the odds are less likely that you will get in.

      Am I making any more sense?

    • 100% by lottery, after they rank the applications from 23 points down to 0. So once ranked, all the kids in that point total, for that race are placed in the lottery. Few schools have 23 points, so maybe they start with 16 or so (for first grade or kinder it might be 11), and then work their way down until they have no more spots. The wait list continues until the final applicant is ranked and then placed on the list by lottery.

      You will not want to be late. Late apps do not get on the same list. Get your app in by November 16.

  4. I mean when a there is a bunch of people who meet the right criteria of course 🙂
    I am thinking does it make any difference if I apply late?

      • Hi,
        Thank you SO much for this website.

        Can you please explain how transitional kinder factors into the “magnet game”? Do any of the elementary schools offer T-K? If so, do you know if the kids will be “blended,” or will have their own classroom?

        My daughter’s birthday is 10/21, so she is not eligible for traditional kinder in LAUSD this year. I am trying to decide if I should keep her at her preschool this coming year (which I loooove) or move her to TK. I run the risk of needing to move her again for first grade if I decide to enroll her in most of the magnets around (we are in Woodland Hills, so few offer kinder near us). Such a challenge! I’d appreciate your insight. Thanks.

        • Trans K does not exist at magnets so that’s at least one factor you won’t need to worry about. The local elementaries should all offer TK. If you have concerns over how they are included, call and ask. Since you’re realistically looking at a couple years before you’ll be looking at magnets, let’s hold off until you decide what you choose to do closer to when she will be in LAUSD. Good luck!

          • Thank you! I have called, & they all say they won’t know if the TK kids will be blended until they see if they have enough kids. This year they didn’t, but next year there will be more kids eligible for TK since the birthdates are 10/1-12/1. I don’t much want her blended; I think that will lead to a struggle for her.

            One thing I am thinking about is keeping her at her preschool another year (hard — as all her friends move on) & then trying to see if she might qualify for Welby Way. Any thoughts?

          • That is the issue with TK–you’re still only talking about a minority of kids eligible possibly attending. Some will send them to a free TK, and others will keep them in an age appropriate preschool. And you literally won’t know until August–after you’ve given up your preschool seat.

            Welby Way gifted magnet would be for first grade. And you’d have to get her identified late in kindergarten, after applying in November. It would be threading a needle. Not impossible, but tough. Have you looked at your home elementary and seen how that is?

  5. Yes. Home elementaries are Serraniaor Wilbur – we can choose based on our location per LAUSD. There is also Chime. Any thoughts?

    • They are all very different. I’ve known families very happy with Chime and with Wilbur. You’d need to tour them and get a feel for what you’re interested in most.

  6. Hello again more questions I’m afraid!

    I think I need to get my daughter tested I think by an LAUSD physiologist, my daughter’s charter school is in Altadena, so not LAUSD.

    We did get her tested by Dr Barbara Klein over a year ago, but she is not LAUSD and she didn’t get to complete the test as my daughter was very young at the time, just turned 4. But it was obvious that she was highly gifted.

    She has only been at her school for 8 weeks, so her teachers say it’s a little early for them to fill in their part of the form.

    So is there a way I can get my daughter tested by an LAUSD school Psychologist?

    Thank you so much!!


    • If she is not in an LAUSD school, no. She has to be in LAUSD to receive the testing from LAUSD.

      Do you currently live within LAUSD’s boundaries? Magnet schools are only for LAUSD students, as well. I know it’s conceivable that you are driving her to Altadena from LAUSD’s area, before you get too worried, I want to make sure there’s even a reason to.

  7. Ugh! Catch 22 …they say she hasn’t been at the school long enough for them to test her…

    Is that different from the magnet form I already gave the school? If so will I still get points…sorry I am confused.

    • It is a conundrum, that schools don’t want to test, because it’s so soon as also so as not to lose your child as a student.

      The information is here: http://echoices.lausd.net/Magnet/GiftedCriteria.aspx Pay attention to the part in caps and bold (Attention Charter and Private schools).

      You have to choose a different type of magnet for which to apply. If you apply to a gifted magnet without the form, you will not get points.

  8. oh so I can still get my points if I apply to a different type of magnet this year….and hopefully the school will be more prepared for next years application in regards to testing.

    Is Valley alternative ok then?…even without the form from my charter, I will still get my points??

    • You can apply to Valley Alternative. And you could get in. If you get in and turn it down, you will not get points. But you could apply to Valley Alternative with no points, and never get past the wait list. But if you were to get in, and turn it down, you’d be in no different a place than you are now.

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