Magnet ‘Brochure’ Now Live

The online brochure is now live.

A few big changes:

  • Families can choose three magnets.  Second and third choices go to the end of the list (below all the first choices).  Many popular magnets never deplete their waiting lists, so this isn’t going to help.  And if the second or third choice school calls, it’s not clear if you can still wait it out for your first choice.  Unless you’re equally happy with both (or three) options, I suggest not using it.
  • PI school families can finally apply to both the PI and a magnet option.  The current school must be PI.  And check what the non-PI school options are before you apply.
  • Per the FAQ, the magnet can call until the fourth week of the fall semester AND two weeks into the second semester.  That’s disruptive.
  • The deadline is November 16.  Tours are being held now.

They’re still updating parts of the website, but much of it is already updated, and the form is live.  Good luck, and feel free to ask questions.  We’ll do our best to answer.

17 thoughts on “Magnet ‘Brochure’ Now Live

  1. Wonderland ES has 0 opening this year. I wonder if I apply at Wonderland ES, can I still get wait list points if they do not has any opening.

    • It means they plan on re-norming. It’s more likely at the middle or high school level, but talk about disruptive. I always make sure parents understand that a magnet can call you as late as a month into the school year and if you don’t accept, any wait list points are lost. But having to ‘re-worry’ in January is just icky.

  2. Apart from Wonderland ES, is there any good gifted magnet on the West side? I live in Hollywood area. Please suggest, thanks.

  3. So I see that you can apply to Magnet and PI school. So the question I’m asking is If I get excepted to a magnet school can I still choose to go with the PI school if I want?

    • If you are eligible, they have to give you a PI school. Whether you’d get into a magnet is based on points. Since both programs are based out of the same office, I’ll encourage you to call for a specific answer: (213) 241-6572.

      Good luck.

      • Thank you for the number I will call tomorrow. Do you know what pi school they will choose do they useually give you one in your area. There are a few pi school on the list that are not to far from me.

        • It really depends. You have to be in a school that has failed to make it’s API, and certain students get priority based on income. If you meet the qualifications, they’ll offer you a choice of non-PI schools in your area. In our area, there’s only one non-PI middle school, so it’s not much of a choice. I’d double check based on your personal situation.

          • not a good sign that school district misspells a word on a document that is being consulted in order to determine what schools within the district might offer the possibility of a better education! “NON-PI RECIEVING SCHOOLS” is the title of the document posted on the echoices website

          • You’re absolutely right, everything coming out of district HQ should be spelled correctly. The reality is they’re as cut to the bone as everyone at the school sites, and I’ve made typos–and I’ve been a paid proofreader in a past life. I’ll cut them some slack, if only because I know mistakes happen.

  4. Last night at a meet the high schools event at King MS, the Marshall High School Magnet coordinator stated that if your first choice was full, you would automatically be assigned to your second choice. This is something I would want to verify nonetheless.

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