Magnet Nights 2013-2014

We’ve found the first utterings of magnet nights on the Sepulveda Middle School calendar.  Middle School Magnet Night will be Thursday, October 4th from 6 to 8 pm in Evans Hall.  Sepulveda is located at 15330 Plummer St. North Hills, CA 91343.

Monroe’s Magnet Night will be Wednesday, October 3, from 6 to 8 pm and schools attending are in the PDF listed in the link.

Magnet nights are an incredibly easy way to shop for multiple magnets in one evening.  After a brief introduction, parents will be able to visit various classrooms where different magnet schools will present their programs.

Get there early.  Last year parking was very challenging at Sepulveda.  If the schedule allows for three presentations, do research ahead of time.  Pick two favorites, and an unlikely one.  Better yet, pair up with another family and share info.

Questions?  Ask away.


6 Responses to Magnet Nights 2013-2014

  1. pegpie says:

    To all posters – Would love to know dates for San Fernando Valley High School Magnet/SAS Open Houses as they come in. Thanks!

    • magnetangel says:

      With the magnet deadline SO early, please contact the schools you’re interested in, pegpie. Honestly, they’re already touring at some schools.

  2. Collette says:

    Do you know why Granada High School was not at last nights Meet the Magnets? Do they have their own? Also, do you know of a magnet that has a good computer science program that involves programing? It seems like Grant was the only last night that had a program at all and it seemed to be mostly word, excel etc. Didn’t Granada have a program?

  3. magnetangel says:

    Here’s another site with a more visual aspect of the application process, along with dates:

  4. Will Celestine says:

    Hello everyone!!! The Valley is finally having it’s first ever Elementary Magnet School Faire!! It will be held on Thursday, Oct. 25th from 6 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. at Vintage Magnet Elem. For all parents who are interested, there will be over 20 elementary Magnet schools represented.

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