2012-13 Magnet Dates

Please use the comments in this post to advertise the dates for tours and magnet nights for the 2012-13 years. Magnet brochures should be available online at http://echoices.lausd.net/ on November 1st. They will be due Friday, December 16th. And Sepulveda has announced the middle school magnet night for Wednesday November 2nd, from 6 to 8 pm. As soon as Monroe posts their Meet the Magnets night, I will list it.

32 thoughts on “2012-13 Magnet Dates

  1. Cochran Middle School will be hosting its third annual Local District 3 Magnet Faire on Saturday December 3rd from 9am to 12 noon. As always we will have workshops on how to fill out the Magnet application.

    • Does this Faire have any info regarding District 2? Or is it only for District 3’s magnet schools? Does anyone know if LAUSD will be having a Magnet Faire like the one they had in 2009 at UCLA this year?

      • Various LD 2 schools have had magnet nights (Walter Reed and Millikan, I believe). The one-time magnet faire cost quite a bit of money, and there is little chance there will be another one district wide.

      • The Cochran fair will only have LD3 schools. We do have workshops on how to full out the choices application with computers. We wish we could have all schools attend. The district does not look like it will fund a magnet fair again. Just keeping magnet schools its becoming its own fight.

          • The difficulty with having a full-district faire is that most people want information on their district, and if you live near the border, maybe two districts. Finding district-owned space to accommodate an entire district-wide magnet presentation would be nearly impossible. The San Fernando Valley already had a middle school and high school magnet faire, and they tend to include both LD 1 and 2 (which could conceivably be one district anyway). It’s great that the local districts–and even specific schools pick up the cause, because the need is clear to have information available in one simple place.

  2. The Flyer I received today
    Meet the Magnets Middle School Magnet Information Night
    Sepulveda Middle School
    15330 Plummer St North Hills CA 91304
    Wednesday Nov 2, 2011

    • Thank you Kelly. That date is confirmed on their website. If anyone hears from Monroe for the HS magnet night, please post.

      • I just went to a parent meeting at Nobel Middle, they said the HS magnet night would be on Thursday, November 3, 2011. Possibly 6pm. No flyer was given and details were sparse.

  3. The Walter Reed PTSA Parent Education Committee presents

    “Meet the High Schools Night”

    Wednesday, November 2, 2011
    Walter Reed Middle School Auditorium

    Featuring over 35 area magnet, gifted, charter, public and private high schools.
    You can attend 4 presentations during the 6:00-8:00pm program.
    Among the schools attending are:


    Charter High School of the Arts (CHAMPS)
    Cleveland Humanities Magnet
    Daniel Pearl Magnet
    East Valley High
    Film & Theater Arts Charter High School
    Granada Hills Charter
    Grant HS Communications/Technology Magnet
    High Tech LA
    L.A. County High School for the Arts (LACHSA)
    Marshall Gifted Magnet
    Marshall High SAS
    North Hollywood Highly Gifted Magnet
    North Hollywood SAS
    North Hollywood Zoo Magnet
    Ramon C. Cortines School of Visual and
    Performing Arts (formerly known as Number 9)
    Reseda Law/Public Services Magnet
    Reseda Police Academy Magnet

    PUBLIC (Cont’d)
    Reseda Science Magnet
    Taft High/IHP
    Van Nuys Math/Science Magnet
    Van Nuys Medical Magnet
    Van Nuys Performing Arts Magnet


    Campbell Hall
    Cate School
    Crespi Carmelite High School (Boys)
    Immaculate Heart High School (Girls)
    Louisville High School (Girls)
    Marlborough School (Girls)
    Milken Community High School
    New Community Jewish High School
    Notre Dame
    Oakwood School
    Pacific Hills
    Stanford Online

    All parents and students welcome. Please look for the brochure, with school descriptions on the
    PTSA website (week of 10/25) so you can determine which schools you would
    like to visit during the 4 sessions from 6:00-8:00pm.
    Any questions, please contact Reed PTSA at highschoolnight2011@gmail.com

  4. My daughter is in a gifted magnet, graduating fifth grade in 2012. What is the procedure for applying to magnet middle schools? May I apply to more than one? Do we have to select first, second and third choices?

  5. There are three magnet medical high schools I want to apply to for eleventh grade but we can only choose one right? Should I not apply to the school that is the best then? Since it would be harder to get in or what do you think?

    • Gaby, you should call each medical magnet and find out if they have openings in 11th grade. Since magnets have most of their openings in the first year of their span, most spots in a high school will be in 9th grade. Since you would be two years behind in some of the requirements, ask to speak to a counselor and find out if they can accept you, if you can catch up, and if it’s worth even applying. If two of the schools won’t accept 11th graders, you’ll know which to apply for. And if they all accept 11th graders, but one has a dozen openings and the others only have a couple each, you’ll know which one has better odds of accepting you. Good luck!

  6. I’m wondering how do I apply to a gifted magnet that starts in 1st grade? Does my child have to be tested in kindergarten before we apply?

    • No, he doesn’t need to be tested for a regular gifted magnet. You should check with the teacher if she feels comfortable with recommending him. You can apply and then they will go to the teacher to make sure he meets the criteria for high ability. So before you apply, make sure it’s something the teacher will recommend.

    • The kindergarten teacher will compile a portfolio of your child’s work and submit this. Then your child will formally be tested in 2nd grade.

  7. Parents:

    I received notice of an LAUSD Magnet Focus Group that will be meeting “to provide open dialogue regarding Magnet Programs” The flyer claims that “we need to hear your ideas on topics including: ~MAGNET SCHOOL BUDGET~

    If you are interested in attending, please RSVP to 213-241-6572. Refreshments will be provided. Childcare is not available.

    Tuesday, November 15, 2011
    9:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.
    Parent Community Services Branch
    1360 W. Temple Avenue
    Los Angeles, CA 90026

    Please share this information WIDELY.

  8. If one applies for a magnet 3 years in a row and gets waiting list points each year, for a total of 12, they do not get in the following year, and you can only have 12 points, do the points go away, or do they just stay at 12?

    • Hi Elizabeth,

      The points expire after three years, so if you were up to 12, and did not get in, you’ll still be at 12, but the oldest ones go away and the newer year will replace them.

  9. For anyone who has filled out the online application, can you share any tips/suggestions for the rest of us? For example, I have heard that some people have had trouble logging in because their current schools had not yet updated their emergency contact information. As a result the magnet I am interested in suggested that we check to make sure that we could log in even if we are not yet ready to submit our choices application. Is that possible to do? When I go onto the echoices website, it seems to want a password to login, but I don’t think I have one yet, do I? Thanks for any help you can provide!

    • You can go all the way in without the infamous “parent access” account. Start at http://echoices.lausd.net/ then go to the “GO GREEN” link to the right. It will ask if your child is attending an LAUSD school. Hit yes. It will ask if you have a Parent Access account. Say NO. It will ask you to start a new application. You will have to type it all in, but it will be there. No logging in, no accounts, and no problems from your previous school.

      Good luck!

      • I am filling it out now, but it doesn’t want to let me fill in the student id #. Do I need it or not? I can’t tell if the system is glitchy, if it doesn’t like my Mac or if I’m just paranoid?

        • I know I didn’t put my daughter’s in when we filled it out. To be sure, when you entered you said you had a child in LAUSD, but did you say “no” to a parent access account? When you fill it out that way, the student ID is optional. I suspect it gets entered later, because it showed up on the confirmation. And *most* parents of elementary and even middle school kids have no idea what their kids’ ID is.

    • Magnet angel gave great instructions, but if you still have trouble you can call the number on site and they will walk you through it.

  10. Public German Immersion School

    Education / Schools

    Friday, December 23rd, 2011 | Heidi, mom of 2 girls; 13 and 5
    Franklin Magnet School in Glendale (FranklinMagnetSchool.com)is currently taking applications. Best of all it’s FREE!! Private school education in a public school. The school is on the 90/10 model. California standards are taught, 90% being in the “target language”. My daughter is in the Kinder class in the German Program. We are an English speaking family but since Sept. the amount of German she has learned is mind-boggling. It was very easy for me to permit out of my home district (Burbank). Many families drive a considerable distance from all over the L.A. area for this incredible educational opportunity for their child. I can’t tell you how wonderful the involved parent base is. Very dedicated and committed! The cut off for applications is 1/27/12. Applications are available at:
    (http://www.gusdelementarymagnet.org). You must call the school to schedule a tour appointment to complete your application: 818-243-1809

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