Justice Street Elementary in West Hills Has Openings

Justice Street School in West Hills is ACCEPTING STUDENTS through Open Enrollment and SAS Permits

Justice Street School has openings for permit and SAS. The API rose to 871 this year (up 9 points), which follows a 38-point increase the year before. They are making huge strides in meeting the academic needs of all the students. Plus they have an amazing staff and a dynamic group of parent volunteers who work together to make Justice Street School the best it can be. Justice is the “hidden gem of the valley!” Spread the word by contacting your friends and family. You do NOT have to live in the Justice Street School area. If you know people who didn’t think they could get in, or are not happy with their current school placement, contact the school office at 818-346-4388 or visit www.jsspta.com.


Justice Street School PTA

4 thoughts on “Justice Street Elementary in West Hills Has Openings

  1. thanks so much for posting this about Justice. My son will be starting school next fall, with Justice as our neighborhood school. I am not thrilled by the appearance of the school, with the only outside space a huge non shaded asphalt surface, completely ridiculous to me, in CA, but having seen your posting, I think I will schedule a tour. If anyone has any other comments, I would be very interested.

    thanks, Sarah

    • Definitely schedule a tour. Coming from Ventura County, I was really taken aback 20 years ago when I saw what constituted outdoor play areas at schools even in the San Fernando Valley. Sadly, I chose the school that I found had the largest grass area (at the time) and it was a horrible fit for my son. Many schools are tearing out the asphalt for more forgiving surfaces, but definitely tour the school and see what goes on in the classroom and what they have in store for their yard in years to come.

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