San Jose Highly Gifted Has 5th Grade Openings

Just a note to parents who might still be on wait lists for Balboa, San Jose Highly Gifted has four or five openings in fifth grade for the 2011-2012 school year.  And I’ve heard parents who have been contacted by the Global Awareness Magnet in Woodland Hills at Lockhurst (?) Elementary with openings.  That magnet did not get created quickly enough to make the Choices brochure, so it would appear they have openings in a few grades.

5 thoughts on “San Jose Highly Gifted Has 5th Grade Openings

  1. Just a question about getting into a magnet program with openings if you are on a wait list at another magnet program. How would that work? Are you allowed to submit another Choices application for the magnet that has openings?

    • If a family were to accept an opening at a school with openings, you don’t need to fill out another application. You just go in and fill out the paperwork. You would no longer be on the wait list for the original school. Since today is norm day, this is probably the last chance to get in to these programs for 2011-12.

      • Hi. This post is old but I found it searching for answers.
        Question to anyone who knows:
        If you are on waiting list on a gifted magnet for 2013-14, and you go register at a regular charter school now in May while waiting, do you remain on the Magnet’s waitlist? So in case they call me from the magnet by Sept, could I switch to the magnet?
        Thanks so much!

        • If you applied and are on the magnet wait list, that list will be viable until norm day late in September. They could call you after the school year begins, and if you say no, you’ll lose your points.

          It’s why we suggest strongly asking where you are on the wait list. Now you might love the charter, and it’s no big deal, but you will lose the magnet points if you don’t accept the spot.

          Good luck and let us know what happens.

  2. Here is the message from student integration office:

    * The 2013-2014 Magnet Walk-In process is now available.
    * Nearly five dozen campuses are under-enrolled and are eager to add students.
    * For a list of Magnet schools with available enrollment please call Student Integration Services at 213-241-4177
    * The Transportation Branch will send out transportation correspondence to qualifying families in late July.

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