Public School Choice 2.0 New Options for the San Fernando Valley

Families will have a performing arts option in Granada Hills at Balboa Blvd and San Jose Street.  I will post in the comments sections when the applications are available. As a Zone of Choice, students are eligible from Monroe, Cleveland, Kennedy and Granada Hills.  The school will seat 1200 students in grades 9-11 first.  Because a school isn’t accredited until after it’s opened, they won’t accept 12th graders–plus the reality is that few seniors would transfer.  The percentages are 30% from Monroe, 40% from Cleveland, 15% from Granada and 15% from Kennedy.  Students who live within a set boundary near the school are guaranteed admission–if they choose.  They also may go to their regular zoned schools.  Outside that boundary but within the boundary of the four high schools, students are able to apply. For more information visit:

In San Fernando, four separate entities will run what was a 1600 seat school near Arroyo and Glenoaks.  Based on their individual proposals, it might be as many as 2600.  First, the Academy of Scientific Exploration will be focused on mathematics, science, technology and medicine.   You can get more information here:!/pages/The-Academy-of-Scientific-Exploration-ASE/124259284308947  The Humanitas–Social Justice Academy will bring their successful Sylmar program to this campus.  They have a Facebook presence as well:!/thehumanitasacademy  And ArTES will offer an art-infused curriculum.  Their website is here:  The fourth and final option on this campus is the Local District 2 Teacher Prep Academy.  At this point, there is no defined boundary, whether they will be utilizing a priority boundary or a lottery.  As soon as that information is available, I will post the boundaries and deadlines.

Since these campuses will open in September, this will be a very quick process.  Follow their Facebook pages or check back here often to make sure you can visit, tour, and apply on time.


3 thoughts on “Public School Choice 2.0 New Options for the San Fernando Valley

  1. Meeting TONIGHT for VRHS#5 at San Fernando HS at 6 pm in the auditorium. Parents of 8th, 9th, and 10th graders will be told how to enroll and you’ll be able to meet the four operators: ArTES, Humanitas, Academy of Scientific Exploration, and Teacher Prep. Parents of younger children–learn about new options in the NE Valley!

  2. Would someone please let me know how to contact the new performing arts HS in Granda HIls on Balboa and San Jose. My son is an actor going into the 9th grade. Any help is greatly appreciated. Terry

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