One More Thing…

Folks, nothing written here should trump your gut instincts or an actual visit to a school. Call. Schedule a tour. Your well-meaning neighbor might have heard something from someone who attended 10 years ago, or even a well-meaning blog yenta might have a totally different parenting style than you do. What makes me cringe might make most families flock to a particular magnet. Now back to your regularly scheduled blog posts….

8 thoughts on “One More Thing…

  1. August 15, 2011 start date for 2011-12 school year was reportedly approved by LAUSD School Board 6-1. Are there any further steps before this gets implemented or should I assume that this is a done deal?

    • Sadly, it’s a done deal. The high schools in the San Fernando Valley went on this calendar for this year, after a lot of lobbying and public education. They had planned to implement the calendar to the entire district last year, but it was clear there wasn’t enough out reach. Supposedly this year, more people knew about it. We did write in. We did try to get the word out on Facebook and through the community.

      What fries me to no end, is that there is NO data that says this is better–yet. The kids are taking their finals this week. Are grades better? Do teachers actually not assign homework over the break? Were the kids rushed to squeeze the material in considering the furlough days? Would kids prefer that 3 week break to study or do projects? Yet, principals got up and spoke saying how great it is “for kids”. That’s disingenuous. Additionally, the two board members to whom I wrote both blasted parents who didn’t want the change because they were “stuck” or against change. That’s not it at all. With one kid who’s already graduated (and therefore I’ve lived through a LOT of LAUSD’s fads of the moment), with one more in fourth grade, the former calendar was one of the reasons I actually preferred LAUSD over surrounding districts that all start the last week of August. We will probably allow my daughter to finish elementary with her class next year, but we will be looking for other options from then on.

    • Yep, and at our Council of Council meeting this morning it was a source of great debate. Tamar Galatzan got wind of it three weeks ago, and was hoping to keep LD 1 on the plan, since the high schools already are on the plan, and was told no. UTLA fliers were passed out claiming “victory.” So this appears nothing more than a collective bargaining maneuver. I’m really happy that school will supposedly start later (not convinced it won’t reverse *again*), but certainly NOT for the reason.

      • There’s more to it than a collective bargaining maneuver. The district is only motivated by . . . well I wish I knew what, but it’s not teachers, parents, or anything the union has to say unless it’s to fight it. With more furlough days coming next year, a district wide elementary school language arts adoption, and other unknown budget cuts (schools have to make two budget plans, one for if the tax increase extension goes through, one for if it doesn’t) they probably can’t get it all together for an August opening.

      • This wasn’t voted on–it was the Superintendent’s decision to delay the implementation of a board vote (how’s that for semantics?). One of Tamar’s staffers said she was trying hard to lobby that her schools stay on the early start calendar, since the high schools will remain on early start. Judging by the VERY upset parents at the Council of Council meeting, I seriously think that there’s one more reversal in this story, so I’m not booking my late August holiday just yet.

        I seriously hope they move the calendar up at least a week to ramp up for the mid-August start.

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