Open Enrollment Begins for 2010-11

LAUSD has released the 2010-11 list of schools that will have available seats for open enrollment. Seats are available by lottery.

The application is available here:

And the list of available schools is listed here:

Any questions?

12 thoughts on “Open Enrollment Begins for 2010-11

  1. I’m so glad to finally get this list. Thanks much.

    Question. I’m interested in Rosewood Elementary as I just now saw they have GATE. I’m going to go through the open enrollment, but I’m wondering how that works if my son just obtained his “orange folder?” Does it help? Makes no difference? Is the process the same? Just when I think I’m getting this stuff, I realize I still have no clue. Leslie

    • Being GATE won’t help or hurt his chances in open enrollment lotteries.

      You will fill out your paperwork and depending on how many kids apply, you’ll either get in automatically or if more people apply than there are spots, you’ll all be thrown into a hat and pulled out. The first ones get in, and the rest are pulled and put on the waiting list in order.

      If he gets in, then the folks at the new school will have his orange folder and make accommodations as necessary.

  2. If you miss the deadline for the open enrollment can you still get on a wait list if all the spot have been given out already or are you just out of luck? I know if they still have spots after the deadline then you can still apply but I wasn’t sure about the wait list, thanks!

    • The deadline for open enrollment isn’t until June 1 , but I’d call and ask the school you’re interested in. I honestly haven’t heard of anyone missing the deadline and getting on the end of the wait list.

  3. Hi, How come I can’t find Magnet school “Wonderland EL” in the list. Haven’t they got any openings?

    • Hi emma,

      I want to make sure you’re not confusing TWO different programs. Wonderland indeed has a gifted magnet. Openings they will have at the magnet will appear in the CHOICES brochure in November, and you’ll need to apply by December. In no case would the gifted magnet seats appear on an open enrollment list.

      Open enrollment is for when the school has available seats (space) in the regular school. Those openings were announced in late April. Applications were handled throughout the month of May, and a drawing was held on June 4. It’s entirely possible that a highly sought after school has no open enrollment openings.

      Any other questions?

  4. What is the difference between a gifted magnet and a magnet school? My child is currently in Baldwin magnet but would want to transfer her to Wonderlang gifted or Melrose magnet school. baldwin’s APi score went down by 10 points. Melrose is a new magnet w/ an api score of 839 (a 124 pt increase fr prior yr). I’ve been trying to apply at wonderland but we always get rejected. Is Melrose magnet a better choice than to let her stay at baldwin? Pls help. I want the best education for my child.

    • Hi c go,

      One of the problems with being in a magnet is that it’s nearly impossible to apply and get into another magnet of the same grade level. Magnets are desegregation programs, and as soon as you’ve been placed in a magnet, the goal was achieved. So the district has no interest or incentive, really, to move your child when there are other kids trying to get into a magnet.

      You don’t say what grade level your child is in, but your best bet will likely be to wait until middle school to make the change, when you have 12 additional matriculation points, and essentially go to the top of the list again. If your child is in the lower grades (1st or maybe 2nd), you could conceivably go to an open enrollment or SAS school and then try to go back Melrose or Wonderland with rejection points.

      To answer your original question, a gifted magnet is a magnet that requires that the child receive a certain threshold on an IQ test, on state standardized tests, or with recommendation from the teacher. A regular magnet is open to any child who applies.

      I’m not familiar with Baldwin, but a 10 point drop is nothing to panic over. It’s over 800 as well. And a question regarding a 124 pt increase would be how do they claim they got there, and how much of it has to do with the new magnet kids coming in rather than an increase in the home school kids. No school could sustain that kind of growth two years running.

  5. I am interested in having my dayghter go to Beckford elelmentary school. It is close to my house and has the YMCA after school and before school program that i need. I have called the school and they said to apply for open enrollment and then if i dont get in then i can ask for a child care permit. Did you know how many seats they had available for kindergarten open enrollment or for a child care permit last year, so i could try and guess at my chances.

    • Open enrollment is strictly lottery–there is no grade level basis. Every year LAUSD publishes a list of schools with the amount of spots each school is allotted. You can call the school and ask how many spots they will have this year (they know), how many spots they’ve had in previous years, and how many applications they typically have each year.

      The school is right to suggest you go with the open enrollment first, since that permit is permanent, and lasts from kindergarten through the time your daughter graduates in fifth grade.

      Child care permits come later, often over the summer before you’d know if you got in, and they need to be renewed every year. They are by grade level, so if there is room after local enrollment and open enrollment, then child care permits come into the equation.

      If it’s near your home, is it not your home school? I know that area of Northridge/Chatsworth has quite a spread.

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